Tsheole at home

The 37-year-old Mochudi-born Thapelo Tsheole is a Product Development manager at the BSE, a daunting task as it keeps him on his toes with everything that affects markets. Away from work, he is a proud single father to an eight-year-old daughter and stays with her and his 21-year-old sister in Gaborone.

They travel together and enjoy cooking goat meat and vegetables together. And unlike many men out there who would rather eat out, he packs food to work. He places health and fitness in high regard and keeps physically fit by doing his indoor aerobics and once in a while jogging.

Nevetherless, this rural-boy still holds education as a priority. To add to his string of qualifications, Tsheole is currently studying for his second MBA with the University of Cape Town. He started it last year and is finishing this year. “It is a very competitive course and therefore after work, I have to do a lot of studying,” he says. Like many other bachelors, he still wants to excel in life.

He points out his three visions as follows: to have a successful career, to continually know himself and to achieve a serious life balance. It is with the latter where he has identified his weakness. Nonetheless, his vey poor family background is what opened his eyes at a very tender age. “I took advantage of my free Tswana education provided by government to make myself a better person,” he says with a serious face, adding that he has always had a hunger to be an exception.

He chuckles about his good English fluency and how he beat the whole country and became the national champion in debate competition at Form Five. “I’ve always been outspoken and yes, I can say I was one of the best debaters at school.” Initially, he wanted to be a medical doctor but later developed interest in Economics.

He reads financial material and explains that the pleasure he gets when reading about money is like that of a woman watching Generations, a South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) soapie. Tsheole also likes soccer and would never miss Arsenal game. However, his chores are complete when soul or house music is on the background.

When it comes to the television, he prefers documentaries on wildlife, investigation and biographies. To keep in touch with his roots, he rears goats and Tswana chickens. On having a role model, Tsheole is adamant that he is a product of many people. These range from his teachers from early days up to where he is now. Such include Festus Mogae, the economist, Barack Obama, the man who rose from zero-to-hero and everyone else who started from nowhere and ended up somewhere.

On empowering the unemployed youth, Tsheole advises them against being dependent on government. He suggests that they should be more innovative and goal-getters. “The world at large is facing youth unemployment scourge and it is time they form partnerships to start businesses and also volunteer where their services are required,” he insists.

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