Cufflinks: Symbol of power




Today, while most men prefer convenience in every day dress, cufflinks are often reserved for high profile powered businessmen and those who generally believe in dressing for success.  To understand about these tiny accessories, one must first know their purpose.  Fashion lover Thuso Batsile explains it well. 

He says that most men’s shirts today have buttons to fasten the sleeves at the wrist. However, he notes that this is not so with a French cut shirt that will not have the buttons but open sleeves. “The sleeves have to be fastened and that is where cufflinks come in,” he says. Nevertheless, their functionality does not stop there.

They define who you are and what you want to be. Supposing you wear them in your job interview, you are not just doing so to fasten your loose cuffs but to show your future employer that you should be taken seriously. Cufflinks also tell everyone how you want to be treated. Men who wear them are deemed to be more esteemed and important.

“If you want everyone to treat you well, you should look wealthy enough for the attention and you don’t have that much, wearing cufflinks can make you look like you are one of those who have,” states Kabelo Montshiwa, an attorney.

Cufflinks can be worn during special occasions, formal affairs or in the office every day. Though simple and small as they seem, these apparels can give you the emphasis that you need. If you want to be immediately promoted and be one of the bosses, wear cufflinks and walk tall. They complete the man’s corporate look package.

History informs that more than three centuries ago, the elite in the United Kingdom (UK) started wearing cufflinks as a form of luxurious decoration. Up until today some cufflinks are handcrafted from materials such as gold, silver and gems such as turquoise that cost a fortune.

Fashion design student Queen Molema says that the shirt and cufflink etiquette means to believe that a double cuff shirt with cufflinks is only to be worn on combination with a suit. Not on jeans, even to be combined with the stylish Corneliani jacket. However, this remains subjective because well-dressed playboys in nightclubs and young professionals wear double cuff shirts on jeans. In any case, women also find men who wear cufflinks irresistible. “They symbolise authority and give every reason to feel safe around the wearer,” chuckles Kenanao Mmeke.  There are men who believe that those under the age of 30 should not wear cufflinks. Italy, which is believed to be the ‘Fashion Mecca’ and regarded as the most influential country in men’s formal wear, still gives older people over the younger generation the power to wear cufflinks.  Italian internet source cufflinksdesigns see men above thirty more decisive, hence the younger ones should hold on a bit.
Cufflinks come in different designs, colours, sizes and metals. They often have a chain that comes with the link, although Queen educates that the button style cufflinks are currently trendy. Special designs include bullet back and toggle closures, whale back closure, chain link and ball return. For the first time cufflink wearer, the task can seem tricky but Queen advises that wearing a shirt with French cuffs is the first step.  The wearer should also ensure that the cuffs are folded back so that they form a neat and even line at the end of the sleeves.  Also important is to see to it that the decorative side of the cufflink is facing outwards so that the decorative end is displayed.
The debate goes on and on, but a man who wears cufflinks stands out from the rest not only as a gentleman but also indisputably successful.




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