An experience to die for!

The say water restores and heals. It is modern technology such as in beauty parlours and spas that this colourless liquid has become a hit. In Gaborone and perhaps the only place in the country to offer such therapeutic experience with water is Indulgence Aqua and Day Spa at Masa Centre.

At this up market spa that is colourfully furnished to calm and rejuvenate any achy muscle, water is the basis of most of their treatments especially massages. Their argument on this technology and the world over is that water therapy is recognised as an effective way to treat circulation disorders, stress, fatigue, fluid retention, aches and pains.

The cherry on top, jolly staff compliments of therapists who really make you feel at home.  In fact at Indulgence Aqua and Day Spa, even if it is your first time to undress and remain in your birthday suit in front of a total stranger, they just make you feel very comfortable in your skin. That aspect is usually people’s first worry when it comes to massages, to undress for a stranger.

It is such warmth of the therapists that will throw you into a state of willing and allowing for any pampering to be undertaken on your body as you drift to dream land an let the therapists do their magic. The thought of being bathed by someone is just an experience anyone cannot resist, especially when you are tired and that you will definitely get in the aqua treatment massages.

On the Kgalagadi Mud Wrap and Aqua Massage, the first step is to exfoliate the skin with a plant based body scrub that is strawberry flavoured leaving you feeling sweet enough as we as being smooth and clean. Thereafter there is a mud wrap also chocolaty flavoured to detoxify the body. After applying the mud, the body is covered in plastic and then towels so as to produce heat.

Then to cool off and complete the experience is the raindrop massage, where water is splashed on the body as in a shower.Other massages that will tickle you include the Dancing Fingers where two therapists attend to one customer massaging them in tandem harmony. Then there is the African Calabash that is to reduce fatigue and muscle knots.

Infact this is one that is exclusive to Indulgence Aqua and Day Spa. Here a hot herbal compress is applied on the body, which the customer gets to keep after the massage to utilise at the comfort of their homes. Then there is the increasingly common, Hot Stone massage that relieves pain and cramps and also the calming Aromatherapy massage where essential oils such as chamomile, rosemary and ylang ylang are used to put the body in a state of tranquility.

As much as the lifestyle of spa treatment is viewed as costly there are treatments that will leave you feeling like a million pula while not denting your pocket. The Rhythm of the back (P240 for 30 mins) and feet and back massage (P340 for 45 mins) are such massages that would give you an experience to remember without going overboard on your budget and not spending much time for such treatments.   There are also specialised treatments such as the cellulite treatment that involves going through a special blended massage oil and cellulite massage, which is treatment of six sessions over two weeks.

Over and above that there are packages that include a combination of manicures/grooming, facial and massage that vary in prices depending on the length of treatment. Indulgence Aqua and Day Spa also offers the traditional services of manicures, pedicures, waxing and facials.

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