Christmas ‘lace affair’

What was once reserved for lingerie trim only is staging a massive comeback, showing up on everything from sleek day dresses to frilly weekend tops. It is not just lace dresses which are all the rage at the moment, but everyday items such as blouses and skirts which have also had a sprinkling of lace. Noticeably handbags as well as women’s lace shoes are a big hit this summer.

Fortunately along with festive season comes christmas dinners, a perfect excuse to actually make ‘lace’ that perfect little add-on; be it for a more corporate feel or simple family dinners. Ladies, what to wear are trendy Lady-Lace dresses as some of christmas accessories this year. The fabric has been associated with royalty for quite sometime.

The Great Britain most admired princess Kate Middleton seems to be a huge fan of lace as she has worn lace dresses on several occasions. And who said it is not possible to feel or be royalty this Christmas, when the secret lies with a well-made lace item?

Founder of a local boutique, Tatiana Buke, explains that her specialisation in lace material and garments was unearthed by the uniqueness of lace as a special garment.

“While we love fashion of all kinds, lace is really vintage-inspired clothing, which is what my business is about. Beautiful vintage clothing is passed down through generations, and as it goes down, it gains a history and a life,” She says.

For many, christmas would not be without a bit of shopping and putting together those little sleek and radiant numbers for the get-togethers, weddings and family luncheons. Throwing on a lace dress would be utterly fascinating; lace is immensely flattering and enriches not only a woman’s look, but her confidence and grace.
A lady in lace conveys femininity and toughness.

She is just as at home on the dance floor in one of her vintage dresses as she is on her couch in a comfy sweater. She is independent, fun, and creative and that is what she looks for in her clothing! For a young lady, Itumeleng Mfila, an independent youth who has learnt to appreciate the exquisiteness and delicacy of lace, it is all in the cloth. “You will never go wrong with a lace fashion item – that’s just it,” she maintains.

The secret, she says, is a lace with its see-through qualities that she terms as “really stunning if worn correctly”. The material is very lightweight and therefore ideal for summer, more especially these christmas holidays.  In fact with all of the fantastic designs especially the lace dress, there will no doubt be a lot of men with racing hearts and eyes this christmas.

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