Exercise to reduce breast cancer risk

The risk of developing breast cancer has now been linked a female’s overall physical fitness level throughout life.  Women who exercise moderately during their childbearing years appear to have significantly less risk and occurrence of breast cancer before and after menopause. When compared to inactive peers, the research of over 3,000 active women indicates that exercise is one of the most important factors to maintain a healthy weight, keep hormones in balance and reduce their risk of developing cancer. The cancer lifestyle All individuals are different. We experience different types physical stresses such as accidents, traumas, sport injuries, posture and work stress.  How we sleep, how we sit and even how we walk can put unneeded negative stress on our bones, muscles and critical systems of the body.   Exercise is also a physical stress – a positive one. This stress is what makes it difficult, tiring and often times not sustainable for an individual seeking comfort. Stress has the ability to balance or un-balance hormones, which contribute to weight gain, diabetes and cancer risk.  Estrogen and exercise Researchers indicate that it does not require vigorous exercise to reduce your risk of breast cancer.  The first step is to become physically active versus inactive.  Regular, consistent exercise is a starting point to reduce your risk.  The recently published findings in the journal Cancer indicate that all exercise is not created equal.  Certain types of exercise have been found to have a greater immune system response, lower one’s blood sugar, balance hormones and efficiently reduce body weight. Excess body fat is related to higher levels of certain hormones such as estrogen. Estrogen balance is the primary mechanism to prevent and possibly even reverse one’s risk of developing cancer. Exercise your risk away There are two forms of exercise called aerobic and anaerobic. Simply those two terms mean “with oxygen” and “without oxygen”.  The type of exercise that utilises large amounts of oxygen includes walking, jogging, running, biking and any form of exercise that is 15 minutes or more in duration.  “Without oxygen” exercises are higher intensity and shorter duration exercise that will create a different health response in the body. “With oxygen” exercises have been found to be good for your heart and circulation but overall bad for your body. Low intensity, long duration exercises such as jogging will lower resting heart rate, blood pressure will also cause an increase in stress hormones. Stress hormones such as cortisol will stimulate appetite, increase fat storing, and slow recovery from exercise and is catabolic (breaks down muscle). This form of exercise also unbalances hormones and decreases human growth hormone that is necessary for building lean muscle and stimulating fat burning.  “With oxygen” exercises have also been found to decrease one’s immune function post exercise thus increasing cancer risk.  Human growth hormone is released in the body in direct proportion to the intensity of the exercise.  If you desire to balance hormones, boost immune function and lose weight in and around the muscles and organs – high intensity exercise is the best form. Exercise is a critical component to healthy living but other factors such as diet; stress reduction, toxicity levels and healthy neurology will play an integral role in preventing cancer as well. This column is directed by your questions, comments and inquiries. The health advice provided is in collaboration with the World Health Organisation’s and the International Diabetes Federation’s goals of prevention, maintenance and natural treatment of disease.  The advice is for educational purposes and does not necessarily reflect endorsement. Visit their websites: www.who.int www.idf.org Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “Like” our Facebook page: The Dr Health Show

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