Khoisan enters...

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Khoisan enters...

A brand new music group, Khoisan hopes to revive Setswana music without necessarily sticking to a particular genre. A group of five artistes, whose new song, ‘Marabele’ has just been released early this week, tells BG Style that they believe in original work, hence they cannot really specify the genre of their first single release.

They share that their aim is to assimilate the continent of Africa and make sure that their music penetrates well in the continent.  How the vivid group met is quiet interesting, given the chance to listen to what they have just recently released. 

The energetic artistes met sometime last year at the local auditions in Gaborone. They explain that they wrote and composed their first song to try and sympathize with anyone going through a relationship problem. They narrate that there are always those people who like meddling in other people’s relationships, as the name of the song implies ‘marabele’.

Therefore, the song in its beautiful rich contemporary rhythm advises people that there is always time to move on. The song carries a strong message compiled from the lovely Setswana phrases such as ‘Se sa feleng se a tlhola’, loosely translated to, ‘there is always an end to anything’.

“We want people to enjoy this song while at the back of their minds they remember that it was meant to empower those in difficult situations such as dealing with abusive partners, cheating and playing the single mother role; to have hope and let go of what could have transpired to lend them into such situations,” said one of the members.

The producer of the work, Suffocate of Roc Lefatshe says that this unique work is quiet impressive for the music industry of Botswana. He says that for the fact that the group is made up of the first timers, it just shows that there is talent that still needs to be tapped in this industry. “I am also impressed by the fact that the group is willing to sell the country through authentic local sounds,” he said. Some fans compare the group with the popular South African group, Mafikizolo. “We want to sell the country internationally through infusing local elements,” reiterated Khoisan. They also surprised their audience with their made up super dance moves and the eloquent Acapella songs.

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