Fashion designer Ntwaagae establishes herself

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Fashion designer Ntwaagae establishes herself

The optimistic local fashion designer Albertinah Lira Ntwaagae believes that diversity is what is needed in the local fashion circles.Even though, her affection to fashion comes from a long way back, Ntwaagae established her designs in 2013.In an exclusive interview with BG Style this week, Ntwaagae said her design works started as a mere hobby, “I started by designing using my own hands rather than machines and rocked those particular designs I made to different occasions such as weddings and people would always ask me where I got or who designed the clothes.

And that was when I started trusting my abilities as a designer,” she reminisced. According to the aspirant fashion designer, it was not an easy journey because she did not embark on any further studies concerning fashion, “It was somehow difficult for me to breakthrough into the fashion industry as I did not have the privilege to equip myself with fashion skills but with God I managed to establish myself as a brand,” said the aspirant fashion designer.

Furthermore, Ntwaagae said she does modelling as well hence becoming easier for her to advertise her work, “I also do modelling as part-time and it helps me in a great deal because I get to publicize my products for people to appreciate better,” said Ntwaagae. Quizzed about her accomplishments thus far, Ntwaagae said she has managed to attract some few local celebrities, “I managed to design for a few high profile individuals such as Botswana Television (BTV) music show Mokaragana presenter Atamelang Marumolo for her wedding,” she said.

Ntwaagae further reiterated that she wants to do better than last year, “I want to improve from what I did in the past year, I already bought the materials that I needed from last year and will market my products in every social media platform as it is the way to go these days,” she explains.

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