Nandi Usher nails it

Friday, 21 December 2018
Nandi Usher nails it

Like any other beauty products, nail polishes differ, and the newly launched Nandi’s Beauty Creation Nail Care focuses on the ‘three free formula nail polish’.

Founder and Director of Nandi’s Beauty Creation Nail Care, Nandi Usher says that in order for the nail art to look appealing and last longer, high quality nail polish should be used. She has thus launched her 14 nail polishes recently, which she says every woman needs, to maintain the glamorous look on their nails. “Three free formula nail polish does not contain the three chemicals that are added to some nail polishes. It is very rich in color and boasts of a long lasting effect. It is known to be a jewel nail polish,” says Nandi. These three free chemicals include; dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and Toluene, she says. She adds that it has a unique strand brush that also allows smooth application to give that radiant finish look.

The 24-year old Usher says that during her manicure and pedicure sessions, she always makes it an effort to teach people about care of the nails. She is of the view that nails need to be clean all the time, as part of hygiene and people should also give attending to nail conditions such as nail breaking and discoloring. As a mobile beauty therapist, she tells BG Style that she does not only focus on nails only but also does therapeutic treatments for feet and hands, facials, body massages, make up application as well as wig construction, styling and treatments. She says that she is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering quality goods.

The launched precious nail polishes were thus named after certain ladies who Usher says have somehow inspired her in life. Some of them include; Michelle Gaokgethelwe, who is the icon for the black colour while Tuduetso Tebape represents grey, Tshepo Sephora stands for pink, when Fidelia Masomosomo’s colour is mustard and Sadi Boipelo Dikgaka represents light pink. On the other hand, she says that she has picked colours that she believes are quiet phenomenal to women. Some of the colors include; red, black, white, mustard and peach. Her passion for beauty therapist comes from such a younger age when she was growing up and she tells BG Style that she wants to promote beauty through happiness, which is why she selects genuine products for her work.

“I have introduced these nail polishes because I wanted to be unique and give a satisfactory work to my clients,” said Usher. She says she orders the nail polishes from South Africa and so far she appreciates the support that she gets from her happy clients.

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