Local filmmakers enter Durban 48 hours film competition

Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Local filmmakers enter Durban 48 hours film competition

A group of young Batswana filmmakers are hopeful that they will win the 48 hours film challenge international competition in Durban this weekend. They entered the 48-hour film challenge at the spur of a moment but are confident in their finished product.

The production titled, 5, a seven-minute short film by Old Naledi Arts club in collaboration with Image Africa will premiere this coming Saturday in Durban at the 2018 Durban 48 hours film challenge festival. The film is school drama themed, set in Gaborone, starring Karabo Sasebola and Lebogang Vincent. The producer is Fiona Sepako while the writer is Magadi Thekeleza and the Directors Terry Motseokae, Talent Karabo Sasebola, Lebogang Vincent, while the cinematographer is Koone Boikaego and the editor, Leano Ennetse. The production team is made of final year Motion picture and Live performance students from AFDA College Botswana.

Boikaego recently told this publication that they entered the competition not only because they are filmmakers but also because they want to take local talent outside Botswana and take advantage of opportunities in the global arts scene. He explained that they decided to enter in Durban because although the competition is held in cities in countries around the world, Botswana is not one of them. He added that they also looked forward to networking opportunities, “We believe that if we break in the SA film industry, then we would be one step closer to making it.”

This is how the competition works, teams are given 48 hours to write a script, shoot, edit and submit the final film within 48 hours. The winners will receive a fully funded sponsorship to FilmPooza and then the biggest showcase in the world, the Cannes Film Festival.
The crew noted in a press release that: “Film and TV industry are untapped diamond mines that we as Image Africa and Old Naledi arts club aim on exploring. We are currently working on different content for international and local TV. Whilst film is a newborn baby locally we are positioning ourselves to be part of the pioneering leaders of the film industry in Botswana and Africa.”

One of the directors, Vincent, expressed excitement about taking part in this competition. “I hope the whole world is ready. It has been years in the making and now we are ready to show the world authentic Botswana stories.” Boikaego added that Botswana is rich in talent, stories and could add value to the global arts space.

“Exporting content is our key drive we want to help build and set the film industry ablaze in Botswana,” he said. The team has so far worked on a feature film for Botswana Television and is currently working on another to be released before the end of the year.

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