Eatery with a feel of West Africa

Tuesday, 04 December 2018
Eatery with a feel of West Africa

The fusion of two regions’ food, Southern and West Africa, make Jarateng Lounge stand out in the city with familiar but uniquely prepared meat dishes as well as West African soups ad stews. Operating under the tag line eat. smile. connect, the newly opened restaurant gives relaxation to the clients as they enjoy their meals over free WIFi.

General Manager at Jarateng Lounge, Lawrence Molosiwa says that the concept of the restaurant lies within making people experience the eat-away-home without necessarily feeling like they are at a restaurant. “Our two specific menus, West African menus and Pesonyana were meant for the food lovers to appreciate food however they want. This is to also cater for those people who are from West Africa or who just enjoy West African menu.” he said. He explained that each of their meals have different kinds of meat dishes including chicken, lamb, pork, and beef. He says they will soon introduce Game meat to their menu. They usually serve braai meat with pap or dumblings.

Hygiene is one of the priority key factors at Jarateng and Molosiwa tells BG Style that they serve freshly cooked food all the time and also take pre-orders to cater for their special meals. They also have draughts and cocktails for sale to compliment their meals. Molosiwa also tells BG Style that during the evenings, they allow their customers to chill at the restaurants with their own alcoholic beverages while in their business meetings or special anniversaries.

Asked where they get the West African food and ingredients from, he explained that they import cassava leaves from Johannesburg in South Africa as well as Obono and Toala from Sierra Leone. "There is part of West Africa in Jarateng and every resident can have a meal of their choice here,” reiterates Molosilwa.

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