Mahamba lives out of drawings

Tuesday, 04 December 2018
Mahamba lives out of drawings

The super talented Mpho Mahamba is one of those artistes that the country could boast of. He shares with BG Style that only a few people around his circle know about his talent. His is an absolute talent that he did not go to school for, but he confidently lives and breathes creativity as an integrated artist.

Back in the day, there used to be black and white photographs only, but transformation would later come up with better and digital means of clear and colour pictures that also requires the best photographer. However, Mahamba uses no camera and has kept the memories of black and white effects alive with his manual drawings.

Without a doubt, the young man literally draws something exactly the way it is, which he says it’s an inborn talent. “I did not go to school for art. I would say this is just my God-given talent and I am confident in what I do,” Mahamba boasts with a smile.
The persuasive and articulate artist has superb and influencing skills, as well as the ability to come up with great ideas in his work.

He does not only draw and paint but also does artistic shoe pimp as well as t-shirts. While demonstrating, Mahamba says that shoes made out of canvas are his friends because when they become old, he can make them anew within a blink of an eye. “I often look at the shoe size and shape then give it an appropriate look by repainting it and sometimes I work as per the client’s decision,” he said.

The 27 years- old Mahamba clarifies that he uses different art media including pencils, charcoal, and paint and pens doing both abstract artworks and realistic artwork being landscape and portrait drawings. His art also involves animation, where he takes someone’s picture and animates it before printing it on t-shirts, which he calls self-branding. The Tutume born artist tells BG Style that he is also a member of Thapong Visual Arts Centre where he sometimes exhibits his work. His target audience mainly include families, couples and individuals. He aspires to do all sorts of arts to the corporate companies, particularly portraits and landscape work.

This past weekend, he showcased his work at Airport Junction mall where a lot of people appreciated his work. A lot were fascinated by the fact that the young man has also drawn portraits of himself as a brand of his work ‘Mahamba’. He also takes pride in the fact that he has had an opportunity to draw Minister Unity Dow and Thabo Thamane, the CEO of CEDA. His Facebook page is Mahamba Arts.

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