Brilliant work at TAYA exhibition

Thursday, 22 November 2018
The 2018 TAYA exhibition is on display The 2018 TAYA exhibition is on display

The exhibition of the Thapong Artist of the year 2018 competition comprises of an eclectic mix of different media meticulously conceptualised using some incredible found objects. The objects range from bottle caps, bones, metals, string, and many others. An exciting and breathtakingly impressive collection, the exhibition could be one of the best exhibitions to date.

What is standing out from this particular exhibition is how local artists appear to have done their ground work and researched on what is working for visual artists today. One gets a sense that they are rising to the occasion and at par with other international artists.

 Eighty -seven artists submitted their artworks, and their many pieces have given life to the gallery. One of the incredible artists, who scooped the TAYA title is none other than Prika Ntolo Makosha. An interesting artist, Makosha’s winning piece is a three wheeled motorcycle with the same title, and he used different found objects that include bones, wood and metal.

A stunning and visually stimulating piece; the motorcycle is a masterpiece. It proves that Makosha used his surroundings for inspiration and cleverly used something that is easily found. Makosha also illustrates his creativity with this piece that almost prompts one to expect to hear the motorcycle roaring to life. His award-winning piece is valued at P30 000.00. And he takes his love for bones as a medium in another piece titled Pupply.

A totally different presentation from last year’s winner, Makosha has upped the scales from where Obed Mokhuhlani left off. Mokhuhlani won the 2017 TAYA with his artwork titled Nail Thread on Board.Something to consider about this piece, is its longevity, and whether it will stand the test of time. Both Makgosha and Mokhuhlani are masters of their respective mediums, and they have proven why they have won the much sought-after title.

Another outstanding submission is Isaac Chibua’s welded steel and plastic creation titled Tolerance. The piece holds a price tag of P70 000.00, and for those with a keen eye for the visual arts, you can instinctively see why that might be the case. Chibua used found objects that include bottle caps, stand pipe, and other metal pieces, and it shows that it took him some time to put this piece together. Tolerance is in a league of its own, and a good art collector would be lucky to secure it.

Omphile Sefako’s Pieces of Me brought to life using wood and acrylic is an ingenious creation. A striking piece, it is priced at P12,000.00 and rightly deserves the price tag. Lecha King David Mosinyi, who walked away with the title of the Young Artist of the year is another brilliant artist. One of his pieces titled The Despondent Soul is a remarkable painting. His medium is oil on canvas.

In his other submission titled The Intruder, he takes his talent to exhilarating heights. Mosinyi proves that he is one of the artists to look forward to in future. On the installation side, there are some pieces that leave some with many questions. You instinctively wonder what was going on in the mind of the artist, and the message that they wish to rely, but then again, that is what art is supposed to be sometimes. It is supposed to invoke many feelings. One of these pieces is that of Osego Edoh Keboseme.

The piece titled Alcohol cries for freedom is made up of three Black Label bottles, and a sjambok on a white surface. It leaves one with more questions than answers. There is also Thato Nkawana’s installation titled Naked World. A confusing piece for an untrained eye in the visual arts; the piece comprises of baby bottles with what appears to be milk, bricks, sand, and what appears to be a box and a black plastic bag. One walks away from the pieces wishing they had met the artist to

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