Mtukuzi back at Mascom Live Sessions

Thursday, 11 October 2018
Legendary artiste... Oliver Mtukuzi Legendary artiste... Oliver Mtukuzi

The long anticipated Mascom Live sessions night, featuring the legendary Oliver Mtukuzi and the sensational guitarist, Kapenda Katuta is scheduled for this evening (Friday) at Botswana Craft.Katuta tells BG Style that the night would be as glitzy as gold as they have taken their time to prepare for the session.

He says that he is humbled by playing alongside a legend like Oliver Mtukuzi and it is one of the moments he would forever cherish in life. The two men equally boast of abundant experience that attracts their fans from a distance. Having been in the music industry for so long, and worked with a lot of artiste across the world, Katuta says Oliver Mtukuzi’s talent is a river that has enough water for all nations.

“I had to take my time to do my rehearsals, knowing that I would be performing alongside this legend. His talent is raw and I compare it with a river filled with enough water to allow every nation to drink, because his music is enjoyed not only across the African continent but even out there,” says Kapenda.

Kapenda Katuta is a lead guitarist to a number of top groups in the Kwasa-kwasa and Rhumba circles. Nonetheless, he tells BG Style that he has also learnt to fuse different genres, in order to make sure that he caters to both the old and the young audience.  On the other hand, he sings fluently in many languages such as Spanish, Brazillian and some African languages, which he says gives him pride when he is on stage.

“Singing in different languages is an honour to me, because I am of the view that a good voice, good beats and instrumentation describes music better. The use of languages in song is just a bonus to me,” he said. He promises a surprise performance at the event, as he reiterates that he has been busy preparing with his band.

On the other hand, he applauds Mascom Live Sessions for this great initiative of taking live music to the people. “It is not on a daily basis that fans get to see their favourite artiste playing live, so I just cannot wait to share the stage with this legendary musician,” he said.

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