Staying in shape with Pilate’s during Independence holidays

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Thursday, 04 October 2018
Oliver Muchazviona Managing Director of Pilates Fitness Botswana. Oliver Muchazviona Managing Director of Pilates Fitness Botswana.

In a few days Botswana will be celebrating her 52nd independence holiday and everyone is now full-on into the short holiday preparations right now, a time when people often find it difficult to stick to their fitness goals and find the time to exercise.

When you’ve had a hard day at work busy preparing for holidays and the gym seems like a chore, there’s one activity which will make you feel relaxed, elated and seriously fit during the holidays

Pilate’s single leg stretch

Single leg stretch is all about learning to move from centre. It trains the abdominals to initiate movement, and to support and stabilise the trunk as the arms and legs are in motion. Many people find it especially helpful in targeting the lower abs. There is an element of coordination to this exercise as well.

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your shins parallel to the floor. This is tabletop position for the legs. Take a few moments to breathe deeply into the back and lower abs. See Sequential Breathing for more on working with the breath.

2. Inhale

3. Exhale:
 Pull your abs in, taking your bellybutton down toward your spine, as you curl your head and shoulders up to the tips of the shoulder blades. As you curl up, your left leg extends at a 45-degree angle. The right leg remains in tabletop position with the right hand grasping the right ankle and the left hand moving to the right knee. You will maintain your upper-body curve throughout the exercise.

Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and your abdominals deeply scooped.

Switch legs on a two-part inhale. Bring air in as the left knee comes in, and bring more air in as you gently pulse that knee toward you.  Now the left hand is at the left ankle and the right hand at the left knee.

Switch legs. Bring the right leg in with a two-part exhale/pulse and extend the left leg. The hand to leg coordination continues with the outside hand of the bent leg going to the ankle and the other hand moving to the inside of the knee.

6. Repeat:
Switch legs up to 10 times. Release the exercise if you are finding tension in your shoulders and neck or if your lower back is taking the strain.

Please note that ,learning Pilates from other than a real live instructor is not easy and does carry some slight risks ,you should in addition to the routines I  will share with you advise you to attend a Pilates class with a certified Pilates instructor and don’t hesitate to visit your doctor for clearance before you start Pilates class..

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