Radio presenter with a golden heart

Peter Madiya - BG Correspondent
Friday, 20 July 2018
Radio presenter with a golden heart

Duma FM radio presenter Georgina Koboto Sakarea is living her dream of helping the needy especially the elderly and students who always need material support and vital education which can make them stay away from drugs and ills related to substance abuse and many others through her annual programme dubbed Show You Care campaigns.

The latest event was in Bokaa over the past weekend. Her weekend birthday bash is a way of celebrating the gift of life every year by giving back/making a difference in the society something she has been doing for the past eight years as she has assisted students and donated hundreds of thousands of pulas to various schools.The proceeds according to the bubbly radio presenter will go a long way in assisting the elderly in the area. From the dusty roads of Leretweng Ward in Mahalapye, driven by nothing else but passion and belief that she can become a change maker in her society, she cannot simply believe her current achievements.

As a young person growing up in a village where she was always surrounded by nothing else but poverty, drunkenness, where achievers are children of certain families deemed better off materially, it was not an easy road for her. “It’s not easy for a child to believe they can do better or change their background. Knowing this and having lived it, I decided to use the platform that God gave me to go back and share my life story with those who need it the most for them to see it is possible to break through as my way of serving my purpose,” she said. Koboto continued that growing up she had many people that she looked up to but didn’t believe they were real. 

The only time she would see them was on television, newspapers or hear their voices on Radio. “Being where I am today and knowing there are children out-there who aspire to be like me, I decided to do things a little different and show these children  that  it is possible as I am a living, breathing human being just like them. I am a daughter, a mother and not just a voice on radio or face on television, “she explained.

She strongly believes thus far the results are already showing as she gets invites from groups that were formed mostly after the talks, where children initiate ways of building confidence amongst their peers and community through arts, beauty contests, events which she says demonstrate that the children have gained self-confidence.

The whole idea is to get children moving on a positive direction, for them to make the right decision from a young age, to be responsible adults when they reach the stage and to understand that the ‘’Betterment Of This Country’’ lies in their hands as well for as for them to know that they have to carry on cultivating and watering what she has started and pass it on to others. Koboto’s hope is to see future leaders excel from a young age as it took her long, hence she would love to see a different Botswana where children get to be given a chance to lead provided they are guided well.

“Hopefully this will encourage other key people in the society, ministers, Artists, TV & Radio personalities to take the baton as well and join in on the race of being in touch with those who celebrate us, those who aspire to be like us. Let me close it off with a quote taken from the BAHAI WRITINGS….’’Let Deeds Not Words Be Your Adorning’’.

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