Healthy meals on wheels

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
Healthy meals on wheels

Endorsed by Nature takes pride in cooking, packaging and delivering healthy meals around Gaborone. Managing Director of Endorsed by Nature, Gabrielle Evans says healthy food is what everyone needs to maintain a good health in this hectic era of lifestyle diseases.

Her food looks appetising, and it does not just attract the eye but also satisfies the taste buds. She has always loved cooking healthy meals growing up. “I have always loved cooking healthy meals, so I figured why not make my passion my career,” Evans tells BG Style, emphasising that she cooks low GI meals, which means food that has low calorie content. Just two months back, this good chef saw it fit to start sharing her talent through selling food by delivery.

She tells BG Style that so-far-so-good and she is impressed by the feedback that she gets already. “My customers love my food and I have weekly menus. Each day I have a different meal and I change my meals weekly so that my clients don’t get bored of my food,” she explains.

Evans operates on a mobile café and she says nothing makes her happy than delivering food for her customers on a daily basis. Some of the food listed on her menu include pulled chicken or beef sub, wraps (chicken, beef, bacon and avocado), fresh salads made up with chicken caesar, Thai beef, bacon and avocado, while on the sandwiches list she offers tuna, Thai beef, bacon and avocado, as well as tangy chicken.

On the other hand, she also prepares mouth-watering kebabs made up of chicken, beef and lamb. While eating, some people always prefer a beverage and Endorsed by Nature treats this craving with their delicious smoothies. The smoothies can also be taken by invalids and babies too. They include a variety of flavours such as banana and oats and tropical fusion citrus burst. 

Wraps, burgers and kebabs at Endorsed by Nature are adequately served with sweet potato fries or a side salad and the weekly menu entails chicken breast with grilled vegetables on Monday, whole wheat pasta stir fry on Tuesday, chicken caesar or Thai beef salad on Wednesday while they serve chicken or beef wrap with potato fries on Thursday and chicken or beef kebabs with a side salad on Friday.

The passionate 23-year old Evans starts taking orders from 8:00 am and starts making deliveries by 12:00 noon. She also does catering and has so far had an opportunity to cater at the recent IWG gala dinner held at Botswana Craft.  She also makes platters; breakfast meals and fruit based cuisines too. Her plates cost P45 while smoothies range between P20 and P30. Sandwiches cost P25, kebabs at P30 and salads at P35 and weekly packages go for P300 when monthly package is P850.

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