Tha Bang creates magic on a canvas

Friday, 18 May 2018
MAKE-UP NEED TIME...Artist Tha Bang warns against piling up everything MAKE-UP NEED TIME...Artist Tha Bang warns against piling up everything

Tha Bang has always been visually talented, and used his fingers to create magic on a canvas.  

His first brush with a canvas was when he worked as a visual artist. One day, he realised that his brushes were not allowing him to express himself and create the sort of magic that he wanted. He then veered off that path and embarked on his current love that sees him using the human face as his canvas. 

Born Botshelo Thabang Mochotlhi, Tha Bang is a make-up artist and is also into editorial photo shoots, and fashion shows. His journey he tells BG Style began two and half years ago. It has been an exhilarating journey he tells this publication. 

“I was just a painter, and it was boring as I couldn’t execute what I wanted to do on canvas. So the human canvas is ideal for what I want to do,” he narrates his humble journey. 

He explains that in the years since he started this journey, he has reached a certain level, and is looking forward to other exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Amongst the clients that he has worked with, he counts Obonye Malope who is the Director-Marketing & Communications for First National Bank Botswana (FNBB), Nature Inger who walked off with the title for World Supermodel in 2014, as well as Thata Kenosi (Miss Botswana 2016), and many others. Besides these clients, he has also worked on the 2017 Masa Fashion show, Heart of the City carnival, and is not looking back. One of his highlights he says was working with Kenosi when she was preparing for the Miss World journey. He worked with photographer, Raaes Abdul, and Kenosi was wearing an outfit by IZaura. The shoot was a success and it went on to be featured on Vogue (online). His next plan right now is to see his works being featured on Vogue (the main one). When that day comes, he will know that he has achieved one of his many dreams. 

Currently, he is working with Petra Rolinec a photographer on a number of shoots, and they are eyeing the opportunity to sell the projects to international publications that include Vogue and Papercut. So far, they have worked with local personalities including Mpho Sebina, Inger on the yet to be released shoots, and are also looking for more projects. 

He is also dreaming about working with international producer, Jan Malan of Umzingeli Productions on one of his big projects. Malan has staged high profile productions in 20 countries over four continents. He is the go to person when it comes to the world of fashion, and its production. Besides his passion with make-up, he doubles as a model, and works with his friend, Cynthia Mothelesi of Happy Soul Adventures as the face of the company, as well as working with Gwen Lebo Isaacs. 

So in terms of make-up and the no rules, what are his observations regarding the locals? He says that people need to always remember that make-up needs time, and that this will eliminate instances where people just pile up everything. His big advice is to brush-up eyebrows, and apply foundation. 

“Don’t doubt yourself, we all started somewhere, and you will get better with time,” he explains.  He says that one of the must-haves when it comes to make-up is a concealer as it can hide a few spots. Hydrating the skin is also important, he says. 

Tha Bang also notes that it is vital for one to know their skin type. This he says will help them to choose the right products for their skin. “It will prevent one from buying the wrong foundation for instance for their skin,” he advices. He says that one can identify their skin type by looking at what he calls the T-Zone during the day, and see whether it is dry or oily.  With winter already here, he says that it is crucial for one to keep their skin hydrated. His make up essentials for women, he says, is red lipstick (which shows that one is confident, and also draws focus on the lips) as well as Mascara, which can open your eyes and make your eyes.  “A bit of eyeliner is also a must have,” he says.  His next project right now is holding a master class for men on the art of make-up. He says that there is a niche for this market as men are interested in make-up but are afraid to try it out.  “There is a big market out there of men who are interested in make-up, but they are afraid,” he explains. 

He also says that men can use make-up to hide spots to mention a few. “There is a way that they can apply make-up discreetly,” he points out.  


Tha Bang’s fast total coverage 

1. Lightly apply a Mac studio fix foundation (just a few strokes will do

2. Then apply a blot powder just to set the foundation 

3. Spray setting mist fix, to give it that velvet finish 

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