Mau Ka Monatyi clothing sells Maun

Friday, 18 May 2018
Mau Ka Monatyi clothing sells Maun

The township of Maun has earned itself the nickname ‘ko motjing’, and the place is increasingly known for its fun and beauty. Now the ‘in thing’ in the tourism capital is  ‘Mau Ka Monatyi’ clothing merchandise.

This elegant and renowned clothing line started in 2015, but from last year to date, everyone wants to associate themselves with the brand. Brand owner, Emmanuel BlackPrince Petros says that the clothing line’s main objective was meant to sell the lifestyle of Maun. He clarifies that the leaves forming a circle on the brand label represent vegetation, while the circle represents an umbrella, which houses many different tribes, making Maun a place of all. “You find Bakalaka, Batawana, Bayei, Babirwa, Batswapong, Baherero, Bakgatla, Bangwato all living in harmony and calling Maun home away from home,” he said.  

Petros further noted that they only started with T-shirts but now have a wide range of gear as a result of the positive feedback that they got from across the country. He admits that fun lovers respect the brand for a variety of events that are hosted countrywide, highlighting that not only the people from Maun support the brand but the fun lovers in general. They now have a wide range from T-shirts, dress tops, baseball shirts, and the brand new winter range that include; track pants and sweaters, caps, body warmers and bomber jackets.

Petros expressed gratitude to everyone who supports their brand, saying that they should extend the similar support to other local brands. He said that it is a good gesture to have the locals dressed in local brand or even eat local products than depend on importing all the time. 

He also stated that some of the local celebrities even choose to perform dressed in this brand. 

“We have so far dressed Amantle Montsho, Charma Gal and her crew, Han-C, DJ Boogie Sid, T.H.A.B.O and we are looking forward to dressing many more,” he said. Petros believes that this brand has an effect on the tourism of the country, as those who visit Maun often buy their brand and go for photo shooting at historical places, including Thamalakane river and all other exciting and tourism places surrounding Maun. “Some pose for pictures at our airport, some go to the big tree and a lot capture during the night life with the local artistes. 

This on its own just humbles me because all the pictures go to social media where people get to know about our country,” he said. Their merchandise is accessible in Maun, Gaborone and Francistown and can as well be ordered on their Facebook page; Made In Maun Clothing Brand.

Petros also told BG Style that they are involved in charity and giving back to the community. “We do not just want to sell and make money only but also stretch our hand to give the less privileged within our home town and surrounding places,” he said, adding that they will soon introduce branding for other different places by end of May, under their brand to give another young people in those respective places to also sell their villages clothing line, thereby creating employment for them.


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