Wedding images that shook Social Media

Friday, 20 April 2018
GLITZ AND GLAM... Newly weds explore latest photoshoot trends. GLITZ AND GLAM... Newly weds explore latest photoshoot trends.

Spectacular, breathtaking, and out of this world is how one can best sum up images of newlyweds Maxine and Mbakiso Magwape. The lovebirds tied the knot recently. 

And their wedding photo shoot has kept many of their followers on social media awake. For the past couple of days, Instagram has been lit up with images of the photogenic duo. 

The couple, which got engaged in Thailand, returned to the one place where they got engaged, and shot an incredible wedding photo shoot that can best fit in the front pages of international magazines like Vogue. 

The photo shoot features the loved up couple in their wedding attire, and everything about their extraordinary shoot sums up how they feel about each other. Elegant, royal and striking, Mrs Magwape wore a classy gown with a royal feel. 

Her look for her big day, she explains in an interview with BG Style, was inspired by the West African brides that she follows on social media. The brides, she says always go out in everything, and so on her big day she decided to go all out. Hair, make-up, dress, and bouquet were top class. Her husband was also refined, and cool in his attires complimenting Mrs M. 

“So I wanted to have that for my big day. I love everything glitz and glam,” she explains. When it came to looking for the dream wedding gown, she says that she wanted a gown with a royal feel, class, which still shows that she in her 20s and most importantly capturing her natural features (mermaid body hugging) and of course it had to look expensive. 

And with the help of designer, Lesedi Matlapeng they nailed that look. Judging by the look at the final product, one can tell that the two jelled and that relationship is magical. “I sent her a lot of pictures, A LOT! and of course I wanted her input as well in terms of advice since I am petite,” shared Magwape. 

So what went through her mind at her first fitting? She was blown away, she says. She notes that it was great seeing everything that was in her imagination coming to life. Her first impression was that the dress came out exactly the way she wanted it. 

“We had the dress in two parts, so the tail was detachable for easy dancing,” says Magwape. “I think on top of the admiration and ‘wows’ I got from my guests, detaching the tail blew them away even more. So at church service I had the dress, the way you saw it, then reception I came with the same dress but as a knee length pencil dress. I forgot to take pictures for that. Well, you know how turned up it gets when it’s reception time,” she adds laughingly.

 While some brides opt to go for ready-made gowns, what inspired her to go for a tailor-made dress? It was easy to make that decision, she says. Almost, all of her dresses in her closet are tailor made, so she says that there was no way that she was going to buy this important dress. “But also it is because I wanted something totally different and uncommon,” she says.  Magwape keeps going back to Matlapeng simply because of her personality and humility. She says that the fact that Matlapeng listens to her clients, and delivers the exact product as requested is a bonus. “She is amazing,” she says. 

“But her personality - oh my word - absolutely beautiful! She respects her clients and delivers. I always go back for good service, even in a restaurant. Good service is everything. I respect her and that’s why she welcomes me open heartedly all the time,” explains Magwape. Besides the wedding gown, Matlapeng was also tasked with making outfits for the bridal party including the groom’s suit, the bride’s parents and her mother in law, bridesmaids, as well as the bride’s and groom’s traditional attire that was a hit in Thailand.  “She is a hard worker. And not once did I nag her and ask how far, nope! We got everything on time. She even did my gown the week before the wedding and I was so relaxed. “With the leteisi I told her to put her creativity into it. I gave her the freedom. I would say I gave 20 percent input for the second outfit and the rest was all her. As usual we wanted a classy look. Nothing more nothing less,” she notes adding that she was very involved all the way with the gown. And inspiration behind their famous photoshoot in Thailand was inspired by the fact that her husband proposed there, and they decided to go back and capture their wedding shoot where it all began. The photographer was also Thai, and he came up with most of the concepts. 

“But he was lucky he had clients who could pose so it made the experience a walk in the park. We had also emailed him ideas before we went there. We had a local videographer as well,” shares Magwape. “We wanted to capture us. Mbakiso and Maxine. Even the video captured us, M & M,” she notes. 

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