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Tuesday, 27 March 2018
INTENSE MASSAGE...No more feeling physical tired and drained INTENSE MASSAGE...No more feeling physical tired and drained

Some people acquire lifestyle diseases because of lack of time for neither exercising nor visiting the massage spas.

However, Shapes ‘n’ Curves offer a variety of massages for one to pamper one’s body. Sales and Marketing agent at Shapes ‘n’ Curves, Nnaniki Sethogole, says the different types of massages work for the body in different ways. 

For the people with tense, painful and stiff muscles, they recommend ‘Deep Tissue Massage. It is an intense massage done for an hour and helps with shoulder knots, she explains. “It is for the people who are physically tired and feel drained. It is often preferred by athletes and people from long drives and travelling,” says Sethogole.

Other massages include; Swedish full body massage, Hot stone body massage, N/N/S and foot massage which are important for one to consider at least once in a while. Foot Massage can be done by pregnant women and it also relieves and comforts ladies who wear stilettos and heels as well as people who are constantly on their feet. Sethogole explains that this massage helps detox when put in warm water. It is normally done for 30 minutes and also targeted for sore feet. 

B/N/S typically means Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, which is a specific and targeted massage done for either relaxation or targeted painful stiff muscles as well as joint pains. On the other hand, Hot Stone body massage, which is a light and warm massage helps to relax the back. This massage is done with 12 stones. It helps with blood flow and helps break knots and also detoxifies. 

Swedish full body Massage is a lot of people’s favourite according to Sethogole. The massage is the perfect answer for people that are always busy at work and acquire mild pains such as pack pains and fatigue. It is a light and soft massage done for relaxation and refreshment for an hour. 

It is mostly recommended for people that cannot get enough sleep or have long office hours that give them fatigue. This massage enables the whole body to feel stimulated thereby making one feel much better after fatigue. Sethogole explained that massage can also help one to feel better when one has stress.

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