Beauty lies in simplicity

Monday, 19 February 2018
Beauty lies in simplicity

Leading a healthier lifestyle and taking care of oneself from within has been identified as the key priority to the whole meaning of beauty.

According to beauty therapist, Snookey Priscilla Ntshingane of First Lady’s Paradise, “beauty is skin deep, it’s the heart, it’s seen through one’s eyes but for today we shall define it as the qualities that please the aesthetic sense.”  Beauty may be the colour, shape or design of a particular part. Thus, she emphasises that makeup is an art of beauty which should only be used to enhance beauty other than to change someone’s actual looks like some people tend to do. “ It corrects things that we cannot always correct on our own and is a form of expression,” she adds saying that however anyone can use makeup however and whenever they feel like. Nonetheless, she is of the view that full details should be considered while using makeup because there should be a difference between office makeup and night makeup, for instance. 

Office makeup, according to her should not be heavy and it should differ from wedding makeup or night makeup in the sense that one should look calm while in the office than out there. Ntshingane says that it is important for anyone who wears makeup to follow a regular face cleansing routine, to make sure that they have healthy and radiant faces. 

Asked which products are suitable for makeup, Ntshingane shares that; MAC, YARDLEY, ANASTACIA BEVERLY HILLS and BLACK OPAL seem to be outstanding amongst other brands. However, she explains that it also depends on what area of the face one is dealing with. “One has to be particular with the area on which they are focused on, for example if you can use AIFEYA pencil as well as a MAC Spiked then the significance becomes even. Although that is the case, she recommends that one finds what works best for them.  

The self-taught beauty therapist says that her obsession about being immaculate from her late teenage influenced her to be the beauty therapist that she is today and she is working on getting a professional certification. “I have always liked being neat, so I would from my late teen make sure that my lips were moisturised, my eyebrows were brushed and my hair was neatly done. Then I eventually started plaiting from Junior School till varsity. That is then that I realised my passion was within the beautician world,” she explained saying that a lot of research helps her do better. She is confident that she is building her clientele rightfully at the moment as well as grooming her own brand. She does not only do makeup but also make lovely wigs to give women that adorable look as well as doing nails. That she says makes her unique from other beauty therapists. “I work with other young Batswana women who have passion for hair and beauty and we are dedicated to giving clients an experience that fulfils them. “All of our wigs are handmade and are of good quality,” Ntshingane said. She also noted that they have a rental service for their wigs, do hair plaiting and sell extensions.


Ntshingane says that the is basic seven steps one can follow for a flawless application include; 

1. Prepare your face

2. Apply Your Bases

3. Do your eyebrow

4. Then your eyes

5. Lips

6. Cheeks

7. Setting 


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