Stay fit with Fitness Bootcamp Botswana

Friday, 19 January 2018
Stay fit with Fitness Bootcamp Botswana

The beginning of the each year marks different resolutions for different aspects of life, and Fitness Bootcamp Botswana (FBB) has taken it upon itself to guide the 2018’s fitness resolution. 

FBB Instructor, James Tamora warns that people gain more weight during festive season and later on hit gyms during the beginning of the year. Very often almost everyone has fitness in their list of New Year’s resolutions, although some end up giving up. 

FBB has come up with different programmes to help turn this resolution into reality for interested clients. The boot camps are the certain bet for losing weight. Tamora says their boot camps are responsible for team building, which include; physical training and motivational talks on a one-on-one basis.

But first things first before enlisting in any fitness programme! “Consult with a medical practitioner for body assessments and find out if you do not have any lifestyle diseases,” he advises, saying this will allow the instructor to assign a suitable programme for you.

Also, check with a qualified fitness trainer at the gym if you have any lifestyle disease that you may not be aware of. “At FBB, we also check people to guide them on where to start with their training. We do body assessments and also offer a physical proficiency test which monitors the progress of our clients all the time,” says Tamora.

Diet can also be used to guide one to achieve one’s fitness objectives. It is particularly essential for beginners in a training programme. “One can never go wrong with reaching one’s fitness resolution if one observes the right food,” he explains. 

Training measures at the boot camp include pool workouts, aqua aerobics, swimming, aerobics, hill climbing and trainings. Boot camps are however the main emphasis because they instil team building. The bush presents the best place for concentration while training, since it is devoid of any distractions.

Tamora advises that drinking a lot of water while training is helpful. “One has to drink water before and after training. A lot of water should specifically be drunk after training,” he says.

Their training areas include National Stadium and Superfit gym where Tamora works with another trained instructor; Bob Dintwe. FBB also has special outreach projects for the disabled with different organisations across the country. 

The elderly are also encouraged to take part in exercising activity. “Very often the elderly perceive that exercising is only meant for the young people but they should also exercise to keep fit’. 


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