The right dose of garnish for tasty food

Friday, 19 January 2018
The right dose of garnish for tasty food

She bakes and she cooks anything - from traditional Tswana cuisines to the most enjoyed Eastern food that people drool over.

Keoreng Mothibi, the inspirational cook says that garnishing food is just an added art form of cooking. She believes in hearty and tasty food, which makes her always try new meals from her own recipes. 

“Garnishing is important when cooking. It can make a simple dish look very interesting and appetising. However, I don’t concentrate on garnishing a lot because I believe mostly in tasty food. Anything I cook is tasty since for me food is a passion,” she says.  Mothibi’s secret of cooking delicious food is that she has always gazed at recipes on magazines and wished to make her own. At first, she prepared ordinary meals but her passion moved her to do much better. She would grill, fry, steam but could not bake to her desired level, but today she is confident with all forms of cooking. 

When she gets into a restaurant, she always looks out to compliment a meal and learn something from it. She is now perfect at making burgers and can perfectly bake because of the good food that she has tasted in different restaurants. 

“I once visited Wimpy for breakfast and ordered an omelette but I didn’t really enjoy it so I thought to myself, why don’t I make my own omelette and see if I can make a tastier one? I bought ingredients and Googled how to make it and it was tastier. So I continued to challenge myself to try out various foods from esteemed restaurants at home and I am loving it,” she says. 

When everyone concentrates on baking muffins, scones and queen cakes or diphaphatha, she has added long bread to her dishes, which almost looks like loaf but smaller in size and tastier. She boasts that she is extra observant with food and on a daily basis she prepares about three meals depending on guests and family members present. 


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