Matte makeup, the real deal

Friday, 19 January 2018
Matte makeup, the real deal

Matte makeup is the real deal for this hot weather, as it remains subtle and gives the face that content and oil-free look, according to makeup artist, Lora Morgan.

She says that makeup may melt during hot weather, therefore it is important to use matte prime and matte foundation. Morgan emphasised that makeup melts very fast in summer compared to winter hence daily makeup users must take heed. In as much as makeup is intended to only enhance beauty, it should be monitored to avoid overuse. “During summer, some people just wear makeup for the sake of wearing makeup without giving it a close monitor and it does not look good to see makeup melting or already dividing someone’s face or with colour imbalance,” she says adding that rightful measures for applying makeup should also be considered. 

On the other hand, makeup should not be applied on a daily basis to allow the face to take occasional rest. She says that in this hot weather, it is best to apply makeup in the morning and spend the day in a cool place. Morgan says oil should be avoided on the face during the day, as it tempers with the heat faster and causes the melting effect.  “Makeup can last for a long time, if one stays in a cooler place.  When applied in the morning, one can still go out at night looking flawless and glowing,” says Morgan. For tips on taking care of the facial skin while using makeup, Morgan says that exfoliating gels are the best. 

Exfoliating gels cleanse the face and give it that radiant smooth look. She adds that steaming the face is also necessary as it helps unplug the pores on the face. She advises that doing facials is very important at least once in a while because it gives the face that smooth, radiant glowing skin with a nice tone.

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