Go Hard rebrands to ‘Go Hard Clothing’

Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Go Hard rebrands to ‘Go Hard Clothing’

With their new branded ‘BW Go Hard’ baseball caps, F/town Go Hard Clothing label continue to expand their range season on season, adding to their growing reputation as masters of contemporary clothing and street-wear.

The clothing label owned by Baboloki Chakalisa and his Cousin Baboloki Dambe aka B-blok, Francistown’s finest rapper, popularly known for his ‘Top Shambol’ hit track has switched gears this year and rebranded the label F/town Go Hard to ‘Go Hard Clothing’. 

Dambe told Style in an interview that the whole idea behind the rebranding was to kill the stereotype surrounding it. “There is this perception the label is for Francistowners, so we want to reach out to other people as well,” the brand is known for its killer T-shirts, sweaters, beanies, snap bags baseball caps and bucket hats. The new brand comes with the latest offering of ‘Go Hard BW’ baseball caps from China. He said their new BW caps are 100 percent cotton, complete with 3-D embroidery, which makes them stand out from other caps and a metal strap at the back. 

“People have NY caps not because they want, but because it is the only offering in the market. We saw this gap and an opportunity to make something that represents us as a country - BW for Botswana,” he explained. The new caps, which are available for P250 are selling like fat cakes. The response from the F/town Go Hard Clothing facebook page speaks volumes. 

Dambe says that they have collaborated with Real Legends Clothing in Gaborone to sell their merchandise while they make their own deliveries in Francistown and surrounding areas.  He said the whole idea of branding the caps ‘BW’ comes from the NY brand that is making waves in the market. Research shows that the New York Yankees (NY) caps are classic and popular, and for many years have been something of a legend among caps.  New York Yankees caps are timeless, and their look is modern even today. The classic logo is known worldwide and represents so much more than the New York Yankees baseball team. An NY Yankees cap is nowadays a well known fashion icon.


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