Natureal a haven for homebred jewellery

Thursday, 16 November 2017
Natureal a haven for homebred jewellery

Natureal Jewellery Designs is an incredible local haven for the bride, groom and the fashionistas.

Their designs are apt and befitting the 21st century and certainly position Botswana as a diamond country. Their wide selection range of jewellery includes platinum, palladium, white Gold, Yellow Gold and Sterling silver from all sorts of jewellery items. 

However, they are commonly known for their exceptional rings. Director of the Jwaneng based company, Ronald Maloisane says they actually do Jewellery Design and Manufacturing (Dressing , Engagement and wedding Rings), cleaning and polishing, repairs, re-sizing, stone (Cibic Ziconia’s), Corporate gifts (trophies, plaques, key holders, badges, broaches, cufflinks, tie pins and book markers), ornaments , cutlery and table wear as well as watch repairs. 

The gentleman is perfect at what he does because it is so common that such products are specifically ordered by shops from South Africa but he does them from home. These are the products that are needed to enhance a lifestyle once in a lifetime. They call for sparkling weddings, engagement parties, and beauty pageants and just for looking good and unique. 

Most women interviewed said one can never go wrong with jewellery from Natureal as it has a unique touch of authenticity. Maloisane also designs natural products based on the individual’s choice. We had an opportunity to see one of his rings made in a glass form and with a Mophane dried worm in it. 

He explained that all he touches is inspired by natural talent and that he uses natural products to highlight his creativity and love for nature hence the name of his company, Natureal. 

“Our seeds of inspiration are found in the natural rhythms of Africa rich with beauty and mysticism. Our designs bridge this world and that world, the real world hence the name ‘Natu-real,’ explains the Jwaneng born and bred Maloisane. 

Maloisane underwent thorough training for this elegant work. He says he just had to do something unique in the country. “Being born and raised in the mining town of Jwaneng, I was just inspired to join this industry because of its niche market. 

“Botswana is faced with a challenge of raw material processing, we export our resources to be processed into finished goods then import them with a price seven to ten times a price it was sold. So I really wanted to make a difference. The diamond hub being relocated to Botswana has created a perfect opportunity for this industry to flourish,” he explained.

He plans to expand and offer training in the years to come.  He also mentioned that people don’t only like their products and services but also support and appreciate their efforts to impart skills and knowledge in jewellery and manufacturing.

Maloisane learnt all about the business from his father who worked in Rusternburg. He applied and enrolled for varsity at Obert FET College in South Africa to study Electrical Engineering in 2007. He says Jewellery Design and Manufacturing introduced on their syllabus was a dream come true for his business. “I still remember it so well. Platinum beneficiation incubator called Seda Platinum Incubator course got me to love my school work more and the rest is history as I finally completed NQF Level 3 which is an advanced Diploma in Jewellery design and manufacturing in mass production,” he explained.

He had to do the 18 month course without his parents’ knowledge and it was worth the pain. The 32 year-old then registered a company in 2009 with two South African ladies where he learnt a lot until he relocated to Botswana. However the challenge is that some people do not know about it. 

Their target market is the working class.

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