TafNaz blends into a refined Artist

Thursday, 16 November 2017
TafNaz blends into a refined Artist

They say Jazzy music soothes the soul, and TafNaz proved this at Masa Square Hotel during a recent Jazz Xchange session.

There is no doubt the artiste is a good product of Jazz Xchange whose mandate is to mould artists and expose them to the real world of music. The sophisticated TafNaz humbled the show attendants with his repertoire encompassing various music genres.

He did a fair bit from RnB to Rock music, which led to some attendants labelling him an ‘all-in-one’ kind of artist in Botswana. The live performance was made even more ideal by the two bands; Alive and Bolder as well as Contra Banditz which illustrated the definite mood of jazzy music. 

TafNaz describes music as the message that lives on forever. “Music is timeless, thus old music sometimes just need to be replayed because of the core message that it carries. 

“I believe that music perfectly soothes the soul,” he said as he paused to engage the emotional audience which was appreciating his golden voice. The gentleman has exceptionally good RnB songs which he dedicates to lovers. He has been writing music for seven years now and it is quite evident from the flow of his songs. 

He started off by writing poetry and later on decided to put a melody to it. Reiterating the universality of music, he singles out El Kindiy Rahman for moulding him to become the artiste he is through RMC Records. 

“Music is universal and in order to grow as an artist one has to be ready to learn a lot of things from other artists. I am proud to say I can indulge so well in different genres of music because Rahman transformed me from what he calls white music that I was doing back then to realise that I am multi-talented,” he said. 

TafNAz started singing from a young age at church (Seventh Day Adventist Church) where Acapella is mastered. His song, ‘I am sorry’ left the audience in awe as his angelic and matured voice filled the hall. This harked back to the vigorous voice training process and the use of guitar that Rahman instilled in this renowned artiste. 

The slow jams indeed suited even the cold night in the Masa Square Hotel. Towards the end of the show Rahman shared the stage with TafNaz as they set the stage on fire with their guitars, which TafNaz said is the best skill ever that Rahman has blessed him with. 

He was initially a self-taught guitarist but now he can confidently say that he is a guitarist eyeing to improve Botswana music. 

Rahman described TazNaz’s performance as exceptionally good since he was able to entertain the audience through different genres. He says it is not easy to be on that level but TafNaz can now easily play in a range of Acoustic music, up tempo, RnB and a little bit of swing and Jazz. 

He says Jazz Xchange tries to mould local artists in such a manner. “His voice has the rock element and that is why he is flexible to sing anyhow. This has developed him and having featured in Jazz Xchange on his own gave him a big exposure to his music career as a refined artiste,” said Rahman.

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