Khathazile Masuku and the art of homemade marinades

Thursday, 16 November 2017
Khathazile Masuku and the art of homemade marinades

Good cooks don’t just cook. 

They are strong willed, inquisitive, passionate, imaginative and very creative, according to a silent cook in the city, Khathazile Masuku. 

He was born a good cook and aspires to own an exclusive restaurant one day, with what he calls his first love and talent - ‘cooking’.

In fact he dubs cooking his best hobby, says good food does not have to be just mouth-watering but healthier as well. He says in as much as food is a basic need it also unites people of different backgrounds. 

He advises that more vegetables should be used in cooking for health purposes while too much spices, salt and oil must be avoided. At early age of ten he learnt cooking and everyone in the family preferred his cooked meals. 

“My father inspired my cooking because growing up, I would cook with both my parents and my father was best at cooking meat so I wanted to be just like him. On the other hand, I often visited my aunt who owned a restaurant and often catered food for different functions. 

“That is where I discovered that I can also turn greens into yummy food that deserves a fork and a knife,” he explained adding that he learnt how to make salads such as coleslaw, green salad, mashed potatoes and chakalaka.

Masuku tells BG Style that he never uses a recipe book or plan recipes. It all comes naturally the moment he sets foot into the kitchen. During his spare time he prepares meals for birthday parties and individuals. 

He believes that everyone can cook but at the same time, cooking is a skill and a God-given talent. He advises that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day among other meals. He also makes his own marinades with a mixture of different spices, sauces and herbs.

For the birthday sessions, he often prepares salads and different kinds of meat including; pork, chicken and fish. “I also have my special pot that I always recommend and people appreciate it since I like to uplift healthy living. 

“The meal includes; sweet corn, any steamed meat with my special marinade, and a healthy salad of my choice,” said Masuku. His clients take pride in his fresh food because he actually gets some veges like tomatoes from his own garden. 

Masuku shares that each cook has its own secret and his is making his own homemade marinades and using a cooking spray. “Non-sticky pots are the best essential in the kitchen,” he explains. 


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