Melk Tert Wine debuts in Botswana

Wednesday, 08 November 2017
Melk Tert Wine debuts in Botswana

Wine lovers had a contented Saturday as they got a special wine tasting treat organised by Lengau Wine Company at Grand Palm Mosque.

Among the wines was a newly-introduced sweet spirited ‘Melk Tert’. African Export Manager Jorge Ferreiri from South Africa said they have come to enhance the event with the brand new Melk Tert. 

 “It is a traditional baked milk tart and only one year old. The wine was first introduced in Namibia last year, therefore Botswana is the second country in Africa to be selling this wine,” said Ferreiri. 

He said the motive behind the delicate wine is to take out something traditional to the entire world. 

People had an opportunity to taste a variety of wines from a selection of the Cape’s best from Crisp whites to full bodied reds and strawberry liquor from Cape Town. 

Almost all the wine drinkers interviewed said the event was a selection of perfect wines. 

Some of the wines available at the session included Boschendal, Fraschhoek Cellars, Bellingham, Douglas Green, The Saints, Brampton and Strawberry Lips. 

From Boschendal selection, there was Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Vintage 2016. It is a blend of two grapes being red and white. Its pinkish colour is an indication that the red grape skin was preserved much longer. 

On the other hand, Pinot Noir is the base of the sparkling wine and it has a percentage volume of 13.0 percent. 

This wine is best taken with light meals such as cheesecake, green salad and dessert. However, Boschendal Sauvignon blanc has a fruity taste and classified as the least dry wine when it comes to white wines. It can also be paired with light dishes such as salads and chicken dishes. 

Chardonay is dryer than Sauvignon blanc as it has an oak, lemony citric taste which best goes along with sea foods. From Boschendal red wines, Merlot is the smoothest wine with a plumy taste, while Shiraz is the spiciest and therefore best paired with spicy dishes while S & M is smooth and has a woody taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the driest red wine with a whole lot of pallet and sour taste from crushy grapes. It is best paired with extremely heavy meat like ox-tail.

 “The feedback from this wine tasting is brilliant and Melk Tert in particular has also received a fantastic response from both Namibia and now, Botswana,” said Ferreiri adding that he hopes a lot of people appreciate it once it is in the shops.  

He described it as an exclusive cream based spirit that has a touch of cinnamon spice. It can be served chilled or with ice on the rocks. Melk Tert and Strawberry lips seemed to be many people’s favourite. 

Some compared the Melk Tert to Amarula while others said it was a replica of Strawberry Lips in the form of a different flavour.

“This was an elegant wine tasting I have ever attended in a long time I just liked the brands that were available and Sun Kissed range of sweet wines just made my day,” said one of the attendants.

There was also a special session of chocolate pairing during the wine tasting which the wine lovers said was fantastic. Ferreiri explained that chocolate pairing is done with suitable chocolates such as dark chocolates and caramel chocolates to suit different wines and give that tingle taste.

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