Time & Space exhibition on until Sunday

Friday, 15 September 2017
Time & Space exhibition on until Sunday

Time & Space exhibition was officially opened on Monday evening at the Thapong Visual Arts Centre.

It is expected to run until this Sunday. It is one of a kind exhibition that offers art collectors and lovers a rare glimpse into a different type of art. Ten Indian artists (including two female artists based in Botswana) are exhibiting works from various mediums including digital print, acrylic and oil and canvas. 

The majority of the artists hail from Puducherry – India, and Dr. Gopal Jayaraman, a former Art lecturer at the Molepolole College of Education is the head of this exhibition. Time & Space is curated by the “I’’ Art Research & foundation, Puducherry which was established by Jayaraman. 

Close to 25 art pieces form part of this exhibition. Colourful, breath taking and addressing various social commentaries a tour of the art gallery is a breath of fresh air for those who are passionate about art. 

Jayaraman told Style that the putting together of the artworks took two months to complete. He says that one of the objectives of the “I’’ Art Research & foundation is to usher in a new era for the arts in his region and that events such as exhibitions, workshops and camps form part of their calendar. 


This exhibition is one of those events. 

Talking about his works, he says that he took a different route with this exhibition compared to his 2015 solo exhibition titled Mystical Thrills which was part of his research documentation for his Doctorate studies at UNISA. With this exhibition, he opted to be free and touch on a number of universal concepts such as religion.  One of his eye-catching pieces is a 2m by 1.5m titled Mind Force valued at P20 000. He explains that the theme behind this piece is that there is no limitation to the mind and where it can go.  “You need space to express feelings and the mind is not easily controllable moving from time to time. I compared it to a horse that is full of energy and is very strong,” he explains. 

He also notes that they were blown away by the response that they received since the official opening. 

“They say that this is unique exhibition and truly loved the variety showcased here. This exhibition is also different to the traditional craft that is usually shown here, and it satisfies everyone,” he explains. 

Other pieces that are worth noting include a collection by Balu Kanni that used the medium of digital print. One of the pieces has a splash of mustard, a colour that can be compared to those of Tumeric spices, which is used during happy occasions by women on their faces. 


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