A wine tasting event with a difference

Friday, 15 September 2017
A wine tasting event with a difference

Last week Friday marked a wine tasting event with a good cause, when Queves Events handed a P10 000 cheque donation to Botswana Endometriosis Association.

Director of Queves Events, Stacy Serebolo Keitumetse expressed gratitude for the donation, saying, support is all we need to cast away our pretentious attitudes.

“We pretend to be strong and not to show the pain that we live with but at least tonight we will fake the pain while also celebrating,” she said. A variety of wines from Queves Events were on display for tasting including both red and white Champagne, dry, sparkling and sweet wines. Lorato Pearl Jeremiah explained that their wide range of wines is a selection from South Africa and they operate from G West Industrial, adding that one just has to place an order to buy. 

Some of the wines that they brought for the occasion included Hoopenburg Vine Yards’ Merlot 2014 (Dry red wine) which sells for P63. 50, NV Integer MCC (white bubbly) sold at P130.25, 2015 Integer Wooded Chardonnay (dry white) at P106.10 and Jewel Wines including Dry white, Dry red, Sweet white, sweet red, as well as sweet and dry sparkling, which ranges between P34.50 and P59.99. 

These wines were taken with pastry, which Jeremiah said is suitable for the wine. She said originally wines are taken with certain pastry being bread and biscuits, salads and sea foods. Therefore they honoured the event to bring that lesson to wine lovers.

The cocktail set up allowed people to comfortably spend their entire evening with that eagerness of learning more about the disease. 

Brand Ambassador of Queves Lydia German also captivated people during the night when Lorato Orapeleng also made a good MC for the night. 

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