Local brand, Khoi- Fro features on MTV 3

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Monday, 28 August 2017
Fame beckons for Local brand, Khoi Fro Fame beckons for Local brand, Khoi Fro

This October/November, the Khoi-Fro a local brand will be featured in one of the biggest television channels in Europe. Khoi-Fro will be featured as part of an eight-part episode series documentary about the world of fashion on MTV 3. 

Tsholo Dikobe is the face behind the local brand, and she remains one of Africa’s trail blazing stylists and fashion personalities. According to Dikobe in a press statement, the crew from MTV 3, which consisted of a Finnish female journalist and male videographer, had a 10-day stay in Botswana where they camped in the Makgadikgadi and further enjoyed a number of popular tourist attractions. 

The purpose of the visit was to explore and expose Botswana, show the world the Botswana or the great Africa that is usually not shown in the media – the cosmopolitan Africa. “The presenter of the show informed me that when she googled Botswana fashion, what pops up first is my name and my colourful images, and that that was a confirmation because she already followed my work online,” says Dikobe. 

“I am truly humbled by the recognition and opportunity yet again. This is another milestone added in my fashion career and I am hoping that this will open more doors for me and Botswana fashion, and bring collaborations with the international market. 

Moreover, the visit was also for me to talk about my work as a fashion artist and brand as THE KHOI-FRO and my accomplishment thus far,” she says excitedly.  

She explains that the Khoi-fro, in essence is an ode to an African woman who is rooted in naturalness, individuality, authenticity and wholeness. 

The woman in question, she says takes pride in her origins and roots. The brand, she explains is inspired by The Khoi/Khoisan, a clan which originated in Southern Africa, regarded as the ‘first’ or “real - real’ people to occupy the earth, hunting and gathering for their livelihood - An ode to a way of life that perfectly sums up her fashion life. 

“Fashion transports me to places I have never been and it’s ever changing for the better – again a trait that was mastered by the khoi/ khoi-san. They are very adaptive in nature and that is what I am aspiring to be, in a world that is ever changing,” she points out.  

She says that “Vrou” is an Afrikaans word that means woman/lady/queen. 

And that she metaphorically let ‘vrou’ read as ‘fro’, to also mean, The First LADY/WOMAN/QUEEN, in her authentic self/state, hence, THE KHOI-FRO. 

Moreover, she notes that there was interest in the design aspect of her work, which entails the mogagolwane collection, where, (GaTsh Fros) won an international award in London in 2014. “The interview wrapped up my plans for a new line, my charity MESSY-MERCY organisation that is two months old and my upcoming Khoi work that will soon be launched under THE KHOI-FRO BRAND,” she concludes. 

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