House of Kay’s big boost in limbo

Phemelo Ramasu
Monday, 21 August 2017
House of Kay’s big boost in limbo

Kaone Moremong of House of Kay is one of two local designers who have been invited to showcase their designs at the upcoming World Fashion Week Asia 2017. 

The event is slated to take place on September 5th-10th in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. The second local fashion house is yet to confirm to the event organisers whether they will participate or not. The event attracts designers and buyers from over 100 countries. 

The invitation from the World Fashion Week Asia Executive Board of Governors comes with a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase ten pieces for free during one of the fashion shows. 

But there is also an opportunity to showcase more pieces that come at a price. Moremong wishes to take advantage of this exciting break and show the world what the House of Kay is all about. But to be able to showcase 20 pieces, she has to fork out P12 000, as well as an additional P12 000 to get an exhibition space.  

Other costs to cover include Fabrics and express labour (P30, 000), Portable branding (15 000), as well as Flight and accommodation (15 000). In total, she needs financial assistance to the value of P90 000, to make this dream come true. 

And she is appealing to the business community and individuals to assist her. Since she received the invitation at the end of July, she has knocked on several doors, but is yet to find someone willing to commit. 

Moremong highlighted that the invitation is a dream come true and a lifetime opportunity for designers. “As one of the biggest fashion events of the world, participation opens doors and opportunities almost un-attainable especially for African designers,” she says in her appeal. 

She notes that for the Botswana fashion industry it is the biggest mileage the country’s fashion industry has ever received and that this is one opportunity that one cannot afford to miss. 

“I am currently working on the pieces that I wish to showcase at the event,” she explains remaining hopeful that companies and individuals will come to her aid. House of Kay was established in 2014, and since inception has participated in a number of international events including the Kenya Fashion Week 2017. 

For more information on how to assist her: contact Moremong on 74126977 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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