Shed that winter fat!

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Monday, 21 August 2017
Shed that winter fat!

Fitness guru, Boitshwarelo Lebang and her dedicated gym enthusiasts are back in the gym working on getting rid of the extra fat, and weight that comes with the winter season. 

Passionate and dedicated to looking their best, the fitness enthusiasts hit the gym every week at the crack of dawn in a session dubbed the ‘Articulate post winter Boot camp’. 

For this session, she has registered 20 participants. She says the boot camp is inspired by the fact that during the winter months most people tend to ‘snuggle up’ generally eating more and doing less which she calls human hibernation! 

The aim of the bootcamp therefore, is to get people out of the rut by pushing them through intelligent training and a holistic healthy lifestyle approach. The results among other things are a boost in metabolism, improved health and fitness, great aesthetics benefits, increased energy, productivity and mood, she explains. 

The boot camp consists of intelligence and circuit training, all aimed at increasing musculature to raise basal metabolic rate post a sluggish period. On top of this, they also have a post-winter detox plan that boosts body cleansing after the indulgent period.  

Quizzed on how difficult it is to get back into shape after the winter season, Lebang explains that when returning to exercise after a prolonged absence the body feels different and does not perform as it did before. 

“You may also find that one is more likely to experience strain and injury. During a break from exercise, many body changes occur. Lungs lose elasticity, which makes it harder to breathe and may result in side aches. Blood volume also decreases, causing vessels to become smaller and less efficient at pulling oxygen from the blood,” says the fitness guru. 

“This change requires your heart to work harder to provide muscles with oxygen, which creates a rapid heartbeat. Returning to fitness will require much attention to the overall health, determination and commitment to push through hurdles in order to get back on track,” she notes. 

As for those who wish to get that perfect summer body and get back into shape, she reveals that there is no shortcut or quick way of getting quickly in shape. The old trusted method of a healthy lifestyle that consists of physical exercise and healthy eating still remains the solution, says Lebang.  

“Being desperate and following fad diets which are not sustainable and unhealthy or pushing yourself too hard can result in injuries, which will force you to again take time out from your workout routine,” she cautions.

Meanwhile, those who wish to get back into shape can look forward to the Articulate Fit Night out event to be held on September 8th at the Cresta Lodge. The annual event is a fitness marathon that promotes exercise. “Our aim is to close identified gaps in the market,” she says. Entrance is P300, and the event is pencilled to start at 1800HRS-0000HRS. 

The Fit Night out comes on the backdrop of the Winter Marathons that were held for five years, and sought to promote fitness during the cold season. “A gap has been identified in the market on night-time alternative fun activities. We are therefore cultivating this trend starting this year by hosting our very First FIT Night out marathon,” she explains.  

Some of the objectives of the marathon are to promote the importance of wellness and physical exercise while having fun, as well as to use fitness training for recreation, education and empowerment. Activities for the night will include Zumba, Aerobics, Kata-Bo, Step and Yoga led by local and regional instructors. 


Do’s and don’ts of getting back into shape after lazying around during winter

Do: Consult Your Physician-It is especially important to speak to your doctor if you suffer from any chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis

Do: Pick a trainer or boot camp with instructors that focus on technique and have a holistic lifestyle approach.

Do: Pick a programme that fits into your schedule. “Our bootcamp for instance caters for busy professionals and therefore we get training early in the morning (530am) before hitting the business world hard”

Do: Focus on nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential bedrock of your fitness journey

Do: Have a positive attitude towards training-It will love you back!

Be Patient - It will take time to build yourself back to the level of fitness you were at before your break, so don’t expect too much too soon. Sustainable results also don’t happen overnight so expect the results to come in gradually.

Don’t: Wait until you are in bad pain to stop, trust your body’s signals, such as fatigue, to let you know when you have reached your limit for each session.

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