Guitarist Kapenda Katuta enthrals at Jazz X Change

Wednesday, 09 August 2017
Guitarist Kapenda Katuta mesmerized music lovers. Guitarist Kapenda Katuta mesmerized music lovers.

Jazz lovers ate from the palm of their hands at Masa Square Hotel this past Sunday as the legendary Congolese guitarist Kapenda Katuta and his team mesmerised them at this month’s Jazz X Change.

The night was absolutely lit as everyone in the house enjoyed the live performance in the warm Masa Square Hotel which provided space for the dancers to express themselves. The atmosphere allowed families to attend, assured that the place would be suitable for their children in this cold. The Jazz Frica Fusion session started promptly even before the time set as almost everyone was punctual to enjoy the glamorous jazzy night.

Dressed to kill in their elegant clothes, everyone paid strict attention to the performance of the night, while responding so well to the beats. Thus, Katuta and Afro Jazz Citizens captivated the audience with their renditions. Amongst the band, another guitarist stole the night as he expressed his various dance moves as if he was boasting with his talent, while at some point he would dance alongside Kapenda with their guitars. 

The night seemed to be too young for the event to finish as the band continued to have more fun and engage the audience. 

The house was at awe when the band played a song with the keyboard and Kapenda imitated it through the guitar. “That was level one…let’s go to level two,” Kapenda would say while the audience gave a loud cheer, saying “you go, yeay…”.

The performance literally confirmed that the Congolese guitarist started performing from a tender age of 14 years. 

Those who always attend his shows said in confidence that he never disappoints and they will forever be thankful to Jeff Matheatau who invited the star to Botswana in 2002 to date. 

He is a renowned guitarist who can fluently sing in many languages including Spanish and Brazilian among other languages. 

When he performed Bosanova Katanga, everyone in the house could not contain themselves as they continuously praised the band. Not only had the locals gathered to this show, some people came from as far as Angola just to watch the show. The Angolan gentlemen Jose Daio and his friend Rufino said that they could not afford to miss the show as they are great lovers of Jazz. 

“We enjoy Jazz and we are enthusiasts of good music and Jazz sessions. 

We do not even regret coming here because the man is exceptionally good. The team is amazing and we compare him to the likes of the Guitarist Robert Gray,” said Daio. 

On the other hand, Rufino pleaded that the good initiative should also be taken to other towns and not only be based in Gaborone because it is something good to share.  

 Founder and Executive Producer of Jazz X Change, Rahman El-Kindiy dubbed the show ‘brilliant’. He said contemporary music promotes local music scenery and applauded the band for the good work. 

“The event was also in a cultured venue, that is kid friendly and people always enjoy music from the eloquent environment,” said El-Kindiy. 

Some of the local Jazz artists that were present at the event include Baba Joe, Mike and John Selolwane to mention a few. Afro Jazz Citizens aspires to participate at Gaborone International MusicFestival. 

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