Some farm fun for children!

Yvonne Mooka
Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Lily’s petting farm is the place to be for all children. Lily’s petting farm is the place to be for all children.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city is Lily’s Petting Farm in Oodi, some 15km north of Gaborone. 

The farm offers agri-tainment and fun picnic venue for the whole family. According to the owner Lily Fidzani, the petting farm was started in April last year. She says it was a God-given project. “I never planned on having it. But for the love of children, I did it,” she says, explaining that she wanted to teach children farm animals. 

ays do not know how to interact with animals. She says that unlike in the past, children today are caught up in a world of modern technology and do not have a sense of outdoor fun. 

It is quite busy at Lily’s Petting Farm. Activities taking place include family walk-ins, birthday parties and educational tours. Children also find time to enjoy themselves in the colourful fun maze. Here, they are introduced to a life of farm animals and a variety of breeds of birds and play various games.

Children always go back home with smiles on their faces, according to Fidzani. Referring to the children as ‘our little farmers,’ she states that nothing gives her more happiness than seeing them excited around animals. 

“Away from sitting in front of television all day, we offer them amazing fun in the farm, while also teaching them,” she says, adding that they also do jungle gym. At the farm, children also get to feed the animals and play with them. It is also a beautiful haven for family picnics. 

Churches have also found a way to entertain their children’s Sunday School classes at the farm. The adventurous outings also offer families an opportunity to bond. For example, Fidzani made a special recognition on Fathers’ Day last month to commend fathers for coming alone with their little ones for a special time. 

Perhaps what also makes Lily’s Petting Farm an attractive place for children to go out and have fun there in its colourfulness. Different colours used for decoration will definitely catch the eye of children.

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