Congolese guitarist Kapenda Katuta strums Jazz at Masa Square Hotel

Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Katuta is stated to set fire to the stage this Saturday. Katuta is stated to set fire to the stage this Saturday.

Congolese guitarist, Kapenda Katuta will this Sunday set Afro Fusion Jazz and great jazz standards at a Jazz X Change renowned event at Masa Square Hotel.

Founder and Executive Producer of Jazz X Change, Rahman El-Kindiy says that the anticipated event is one of a kind and a very unique one. He noted that the theme of the occasion; ‘Jazz Frica Fusion’, aims to treat Jazz lovers to a hilarious evening through the sensational artist of the night. 

He explained that Jazz X Change programme features main artists every Sunday month end as a way to bring about the Jazz artists and put them together in one rehearsal studio to be appreciated by people. 

He said that etiquette, development, play and good music let them express themselves better, thereby attracting people from all walks of life to appreciate good music. El-Kindiy further explained that the theme was influenced by how Katuta presents his work, saying that he is multi-talented and his music is unique. 

“He sings good music and his music varies from that of all the artists that I have worked with because he can vary from Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Western music and all the way to Sub-Saharan music and African music,” he narrated adding that an artist of such a calibre must not limit himself. 

He believes that the show-goers will surely eat from the palm of his hands adding that the guitarist is eloquent. “People will not only be mesmerised but they will be more open minded into the range of the music that will appear in a particular song because this is not really easy to do and may even take effort for most of world’s greatest musicians because all it takes is talent to use different genres of music to compose one piece of music,” he said.

Jazz X Change has been existing for four years now and comprises of 32 artists including; Nnunu, Kearoma, Sereetsi, Mandy Mash and Vivian to mention but a few. El-Kindiy says that the artists gained experience through this platform and managed to venture further in their journey of Afro-Jazz music. 

On the other hand, Katuta has worked with countless artists whose genres vary from Rumba to Hip Hop, including Oliver Mtukuzi, Vee, Lizibo, Zeus and Stampore. El-Kindy said that every Jazz X Change programme comes differently and he is hopeful that this one will also be more informative and more engaging. 

He said that it will not just be a fun-filled night only but an opportunity for some artists to intervene, learn and make some suggestions to continue making the music jazzy. The tickets to the event are sold at P200.00 from RMC Marketing and the contact numbers are; 71422543 and 3960282. 

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