Kingfisher Farm opens for public viewing

Wednesday, 19 July 2017
Kingfisher Farm opens for public viewing

Kingfisher Farm in Notwane is opening its gates to the general public for an excursion unlike any other. 

The event dubbed the Winter Open Farm and Pottery Event, is slated to take place on July 22nd and promises those who wish to take a breather from the city air with a fun filled outing that will hopefully leave them refreshed and in touch with nature. 

The event is one of the many that the farm owner, Julia Farmer has been organising over the years. Kingfisher Farm is where all of those who wish to learn about organic farming need to visit. 

Free of charge, the event will afford those who wish to experience a day’s outing with a difference with a chance to walk through the farm, learn all about the many facets of organic farming, see a whole variety of winter vegetables and more.

 And for those who will bring their children along, they will get to see various farm birds such as ducks, guinea fowls and so forth. Also on the same day, Rika Franken, a pottery artist will open her studio to the public, adding variety to the event. The studio is also located in Notwane and is a stone’s throw away from Kingfisher Farm.  

Other highlights will include buying an array of Indian dishes as well as a Braai, and buying preservatives and vegetables. Also on sale will be coffee and cakes. 

 Speaking in an interview, Farmer explains that this is one of those rare days when those who wish to see the farm as well as learn about organic farming can come through and learn. She also says that with each season, they open the farm so that the public can experience the various vegetables and herbs that are planted during that period.

This time around, the public will see an array of winter vegetables and herbs, as well as other developments going on in the farm. “This is a seasonal event and it is open to the public,” she says. The event is open to both the young and old. 

“Families can take a trip to Notwane, and they can move around the farm,” she says, adding that in the event that she will be engaged elsewhere in the farm, her staff will also be on hand to teach and explain everything about the farm. 

She says that for those who are into pottery, Franken’s studio is where they can learn about everything that has to do with pottery. 

“The studio will be open and they can learn the tricks of pottery as well as buy some beautiful pottery items for their collections,” explains Farmer. 


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