The Daily Grind: A serene Café to relax and unwind

Wednesday, 05 July 2017
The Daily Grind: A serene Café to relax and unwind

Nestled in a cosy little corner at the Briscoe Attorneys building located on Plot 133, Independence Avenue (opposite BOCRA), one finds a unique treasure when it comes to the hospitality industry.

A unique treasure in the sense that the size and location of this find is something that can only be understood by those who value their time and everything that they do daily. The gem is none other than The Daily Grind Café & Kitchen. Officially opened a year ago, June 16 to be precise, everything about this Café beckons to those who are on the go and it also does not discriminate against those who might wish to sit here and listen to their thoughts or do a bit of business without any interruptions.  

 On a windy and unfriendly Tuesday morning, BG Style paid a brief visit to the Café and was captivated by its allure and ambience. Seated inside the Café, the clientele varies from company executives who need to catch up on a bit of work while out of the office, to friends and colleagues. This right here promises to be one of the fastest growing go to spots in town. 

Coffee whiffing through the Café, the minute you set foot inside, for an introvert like this reporter, you walk into a space where you can play over and over again meaningful conversations in your own space and at your own pace.  According to the brains behind The Daily Grind Café & Kitchen, James Briscoe when he studied in Cape Town, he was inspired by the rich and vibrant Café culture from the mother city. 

Locally, he noticed that there was a niche in the market for a Café. And the rest as they say is history. The Café has a staff complement of 12, and they are all young and passionate individuals who take their job very seriously judging by the spring in their steps. “We wanted something that was fresh,” he says explaining the concept behind his brainchild. 

The target market is the business community, corporate, but also taps into the schools in the surrounding areas. When it came to décor, they went for a minimalist look and it is working wonders for them when it comes to setting the tone for what one can expect. Briscoe explains that they have specials that change daily/weekly such as Cakes and soup of the day. For those who are hungry, they can look forward to an array of dishes ranging from locally inspired dishes that incorporate Diphaphatha, rape and other local ingredients and influences. 

On the menu, one can find healthy varieties that range from the Salmon Benedict, Great Toast (which is an Avocado toast with tomato and onion salsa as well as Holiday potatoes comprising fried potatoes, chutney (coffee) and garlic aioli/garlic mayonnaise. For those who might wonder how this in-house made chutney tastes like and whether it will tickle their taste buds, he explains that they would love it to bits. 

Lunch has three different salads with the chicken salad changing according to seasons, Quiches Burgers, as well as TDG chicken sandwiches. And for those who are rushing off to the office to meet deadlines like the BG Style team, they are also well catered for and can tuck on a savoury scone with a cappuccino that gives them energy to pull through the first part of the day. 

“It is own creation, and one of the popular dishes on the menu,” he explains. 

Briscoe points out that while the coffee industry in the country is still in its infancy their customers have an opportunity to choose various coffees on the menu, which also come with a brief description.

This means that coffee connoisseurs could soon be frequenting this place. On average, he notes that they sell close to 100 cups of coffee. “It took a while for people to adapt to the different varieties of coffee. In total, we have 12 variations of coffee, and the majority are not served locally,” explains Briscoe. 

At the moment, they are busy expanding as they have taken into account the fact that one of their busiest times is lunch hour. Other items to look forward to are the After Grind Cocktails available on Thursday-Fridays. 

With this, they are tapping into their customers and wish to give them a space where they can come and relax with a cocktail or two or a glass of wine. Besides the wine and cocktail offering, customers who are looking for something different can chill in the company of friends or colleagues with alcoholic beverages such as Whiskey (Johnny Walker, and Jameson), Brandy (Klipdrift), Rum (Havana 3 year old), vodka, Bourbon whiskey, as well as Gin (Botanical Gin served with rosemary and grape fruit). 

The Daily Grind opens weekly (Monday-Wednesday) from 0700-1800HRS, Thursday-Friday (0700-2000HRS) and starting this past weekend; they are also open on Saturday (0830-1300HRS). Breakfast ranges from as little as P30-P95, and lunch ranges from P60-P110. 

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