WeduK Creations’ incredible ponchos are talk of the town

Tuesday, 27 June 2017
WeduK Creations’ incredible ponchos are talk of the town

Wedu Kwambala of WeduK Creations is a sophisticated lady of style, elegance and seasonal fashion. Her newly-made ponchos are the talk of the town at the moment as they look unique and proudly homemade.

She believes that beauty in winter refers to wearing clothes that cover the body well and at the same time are warm, yet looking neat, classy and elegant. She believes that “One item a woman should have in the closet in winter could definitely be a poncho as it goes with anything, be it a skirt, a dress or pants,”. 

Kwambala told BG Style that the inspiration behind the ponchos that she just started making was the different winter fabrics that she came across in a shop and thought she could make something out of. “After coming across these fabrics, my ego for simple but elegant clothing triggered me to make use of the fabrics. The beautiful fabrics inspired me to come up with designs that would be unique and therefore incorporating the designs on the fabric was just bliss as something for winter got to be designed,” she said.

The beautiful new designer says that the feedback from people has really been good and she appreciates the gesture. “People really love them and I appreciate how supportive they are since I am just new in the industry and with no experience,” she said. 

She gets the fabric that she uses from stores in Gaborone and mostly in Francistown. She uses warm blankets and fleece material for these incredible ponchos. Asked who her target market is, she said that the ponchos are meant for all the ladies who like looking good, both young and old.

Kwambala advised that the suitable colours for winter should be deep colours which will blend in well with other colours because most people put on a lot of clothes during winter. She said despite a lot of clothes worn, the colours should blend well altogether. She however said that the colours should be vivid to avoid looking dull, and adding one bright colour once in a while with a dark colour is also recommended.

She emphasised that a poncho is a must have for all the ladies because it fits in so many occasions such as in the corporate world and casual wear. On the other hand, she said that whether it is out on with a pump or a heel shoe, poncho still stands out beautifully. 

She has never been to any fashion expo but aspires to join any upcoming event to showcase her beautiful works. She can be contacted on her facebook page WeduK Creations or her cell 76599405.

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