Y Care concludes gruelling 95Km Tswapong Hills Walk

Irene Shone
Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Y Care concludes gruelling 95Km Tswapong Hills Walk

YCare Charitable Trust recently held its first walk of the year, as they explored Tswapong Hills on a 95 Km Walk that lasted for three days.

Coordinator of Y-Care, Sarona Moabi says they continue to grow in their effort to give back to the communities of Botswana since the inception of their organization in 2003. He applauded everyone who participated in the walk, saying that it was indeed for a good cause.

About 40 walkers from Botswana Oil, Bryte Insurance Company, Letshego Financial Services and a few individuals completed the 3 day walk with a genuine smile. The walk  started with a preliminary exposure and terrain familiarisation 5 km guided walk around the camp to see and learn about the London Missionary Society (LMS) church ruins,  Phothophotho Gorge, Khama III’s Well and his residence. 

“All the walkers seemed to be delighted by this walk as it also benefited them with historical and cultural background of Malaka village. They all enjoyed the moment on which the village elder Setshedi explained about the village and its origins,” said Moabi. 

On the second day they finished their 25 km adventurous walk which perhaps sounded very easy to the walkers but proved difficult due to the terrain and the many excursions done to access the site, according to Moabi. However, the walkers took pleasure in the walk as they were exposed to a lot of historic factors of their country. One of the walkers shared with Style that it was the first time she walked and found the experience very tiring but however kept on for the interest of charity work. 

She was also excited about learning historical factors of the area. “On the remains of the Tshekedi road, we even retraced a very sandy and rocky terrain to see Motetana Gorge, Ancestral Shrine, Borotelatshwene Cliff, MmaBesi’s grave, Prison, Market place and stone walls before heading back to the camp and I am proud to say that I have had the full view while walking and not using a car,” she said. 

She said that the aroma of the welcome coffee, blazing campfire and warm salty water to soak away the worries of the day’s walk always helped. The last day of the walk elapsed on a 65 km journey. 

“It was fun walking on foot and somehow we were now accustomed to the gruelling demands of the walk and finally achieved our mission of walking and learnt as well as discovered the European graveyard and up to level 3 of Moremi Gorge which all meant quite a lot to me,” said another walker. 

The men and women of the walk were awarded some medals for their commitment towards charity. The success of this very rich historic charity walk was led by two guides from the National Museum and Phothophotho Community Trust, and supported by organisations such as the catering company from Makoro and Boitekanelo Emergency Medical Services, to mention a few.

Y Care looks forward to walking, learning and discovering other parts of Botswana yet again at the Makgadikgadi Pans Day Walk scheduled for 14-18 July 2017. 

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