WeduK Creations makes an impressive fashion statement

Friday, 05 May 2017
WeduK Creations makes an impressive fashion statement

WeduK Creations has recently set the trend through their elegant and unique clothes made up of German print. From way back, German Print has been given first class when it comes to dressing up for African occasions. In the 1960s for example, women believed that for a woman to be considered stylish, they had to have at least one item made of German Print in their wardrobe. It is now 2017 and enter 24-year-old talented fashion designer and stylist, Wedu Kwambala. She has transformed the German print fashion in Botswana with her amazing stylish clothing. Kwambala makes sophisticated tops, stunning dresses and fashionable skirts. She sources her fabrics form Zambia.

Interestingly, Kwambala did not study design, which shows that she is naturally talented. It also took a bit of time for her to find her true calling. After graduating in something else from the University of Botswana in 2015, she struggled to find a job. At the time, she did not know that she could sew or even mend a skirt hem. But like most women, she did like clothes and fashion. She was pushed to her destiny when she started going on Pinterest and Youtube to follow tutorials on designing. Her passion was sparked.

“When I was still unemployed I prayed to God not to particularly give me a job but to direct my paths, to show me my purpose and I promised to do His will. That is how I found my passion for making clothes began. I did not know even how to fix my torn dress before but I learnt,” she recalls. After all the video  clips and tips that she got on the Internet she decided to give it a try, and everything surprisingly turned out well. She boasts that she only tried it out with her mother’s fabric, needle and thread to make herself a skirt that amazed her. 

“I rocked the skirt to a New Year’s lunch and the compliments that I got encouraged me to keep going more especially that my mother and my aunt Gaone Mabote never doubted me,” she says.  Kwambala then decided to get one month lessons from one of the family tailors to learn how to make patterns, since You Tube did not provide much. “Gaone is the main reason why WeduK is as impressively as it is because all our tops are accessorised by off-shoulder trend, which was her idea and people just can’t get enough of the work.

The feedback is just overwhelming and keeps me going,” she says.  WeduK designs for both the young and the old and she is of the view that a person is never too young or too old to be fashionable and look good. She also emphasises that they are currently designing clothes that are beginner friendly but are also quite unique. “At WeduK we design to meet the fashion need of people focusing on style, we take that and come up with designs that no one has made before, and we add an African feel to it by using African print and making our customers to stand out. Also the prices are customer friendly.They do not hurt the pocket.”

Kwambala notes that her mother is her trusted supplier who brings her fabrics from Zambia.  They currently operate from home in Gaborone in Phase 4 and in Francistown Block 8 at home as well. They are open from 8am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 1pm on Sunday.

Kwambala says that people should look out for her winter designs soon and also expect a lot from her in the future. “I would like to go to fashion school, to learn more about designing because there is a lot to learn, especially for a newbie like me who has never attended formal training. I want to grow my business and buy industrial machines since I am currently using domestic sewing machine and an over locker. People should look out for our winter collection, which is coming out this week,” she says. 

They can be accessed on their Facebook page; WeduK Creations or be contacted on 76599405.

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