How to wear black without looking boring

Wananani Modongo
Friday, 21 April 2017
How to wear black without looking boring

Black is just a simple plain color which is often regarded as boring as it is dark. Wearing black is also widely associated with funeral tradition intended to show respect for the deceased. According to research, by the late 19th century, black clothing had become so associated with the act or process of mourning that any woman who dared wear black when not in mourning was looked down upon and seen as “dangerously eccentric.” 

However black is a colour that makes one look slimmer and is very sophisticated especially when wearing a little number dress and throw some jewelle ry on to make it look top notch.

Pulling out this look is not an easy task though. There are some tips and tricks of the trend. Goitse Kwerepe, a fashionista who never disappoints with her creative fixtures of colors told Style that she loves wearing black because according to her it never goes out of style. “You know why I say this, I am saying this because I can just wear a sloppy black tee and some black pants throw a little chain and still rock without even trying too hard,” Kwerepe said.

Sharing her tips with those who may love wearing all black but failing to pull out the look in such a way that you steal the moment, Kwerepe said that the most essential element for this look is accessories. According to the sassy young lady, accessories extend to scarves, clutch bags, rings and statement neckpieces and earrings just to mention a few. “To jazz up this an all-black outfit to make it look more appealing and more sophisticated I simply pile a layered neckpiece and a statement purse with my little number dress,” she said.

Kwerepe noted that she always feels on top of the world wearing black because it makes her look trimmer and more beautiful as her curves are accentuated.
Moreover she said with black one is able to throw a dash of a certain color and still look fantastic. In the young lady’s view, black goes with

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