Dynamic food enthusiast shares her gourmet cuisine

Keletso Thobega - BG Correspondent
Tuesday, 13 December 2016
Dynamic food enthusiast shares her gourmet cuisine

Gorata Majagoba of Simply Rustic appreciates that gastronomic indulgence is an art that requires passion, creativity and dollops of flair. With her knack for whipping up mouthwatering treats, she’s fast becoming a hit among the food bon vivant in the city. The 24- year-old Maths and Finance graduate is a dynamic food enthusiast who is at home rustling up a tasty meal.

Majagoba was one of the exhibitors at the recent Food Farm pop-up market held at the Three Chiefs Monument, CBD. Majagoba started off preparing meals for her family who praised her dishes. This was round about the time that pop-up markets were becoming popular and she decided to start selling her savoury treats. “Although I only started selling this year, the response is good and prospects promising. I receive a lot of support from my family. They chip in what they can, offer me feedback and assist me when I have an event,” she says.

The response to her pizzaz nibbles motivated her to take her cooking to another level. “While I want to create a career from what I studied, I will always cook because it is my passion,” she says. During her student days she worked part-time at Mugg and Bean  resturant and that is when she developed a finer appreciation for good food.

Simply Rustic specialises in gourmet easy-to-prepare dishes. Her offerings include cheese fries, cheese grilled sandwich, spinach and tuna bushetta, and low carb pizza bite (mini pizzas). Majagoba’s culinary delights embody the rich fusion of the cosmopolitan world. She is a ‘cheese girl’; almost everything she prepares has cheese in it and she admits to this weakness, adding that she often looks for ways to incorporate it into her food. Majagoba says that the name Simply Rustic embodies her laidback essence and homely approach to food. Majagoba admits that although she loves food, health is a primary concern to her because she is susceptible to weight gain.

She was never keen to starve herself so she had to find ways to eat well and remain physically trim. Her concerns were compounded by the fact that the food scene is infiltrated with unhealthy junk food despite the fact that they contribute to the increase in non-communicable diseases. “I strive to prepare delicious food that is tasty but also wholesome and nutritious. There is a myth that healthy food is not delicious but if you spend time preparing food from scratch, you realise that you can come up with wonderful meals that are healthy and tasty,” she says.

Majagoba is self-taught and spends a lot of  her time watching cooking shows and tutorials on the Internet. She looks up to seasoned television chefs Rachel Cooke, Ina Garden and Siba Mtongana, who are revered for their culinary flair. Locally, she is an ardent fan of undisputedly talented cook Ncinci Moitsadi of Kwa Ga Ncinci.

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