A royal touch at the Majestic Day Spa

Friday, 07 October 2016
A royal touch at the Majestic Day Spa

Sometimes one can get weary of the hustle and buzz of city life, the pressures and stresses that come with trying to make a success out of one’s life. These are the times when the beauty and magic that nature brings to the soul is essential; to refresh, rejuvenate, energise and make one feel anew.

This is the time when a spot in the bush would work wonders, a reservation in a secluded place away from everything would be heaven on earth but if one can’t afford such a place, then a visit to the Majestic day Spa would do. It is located in the heart of Phakalane, perhaps a complete opposite of one’s feeling of where a spar should be but this was intentional, says the owner, Naledi Makolo.

This spa is in the residential part of Phakalane where it is peaceful, quiet and very serene which is the ideal mood, which she believes a spar should contain. Makolo is a firm believer in taking care of the body holistically hence the versatility of the services the spa offers. These range from pedicures, manicures, massages, and facials to mention just a few of them. When one walks inside the spa, the outside world ceases to exist, it is like stepping into a completely new world.

From the perfectly kept yard outside to being greeted by some friendly and warm faces. Then there is the music which plays on the background; soft, soothing and that massages one’s feelings not to mention the fragrance in the air; lovely scents with a calming effect on one’s mind, body and soul.“Everybody needs to escape once in a while and this is not just for corporal people but everyone because a healthy state of mind will give you a healthy state of life,” she explained. For this reason they welcome everyone with open arms regardless of the kind of background they are from or the kind of job they work, to them everyone is royalty hence their tag line, “Where royalty rejuvenates.”

What sets them apart? The products they use, Makolo firmly states. They use specific products for their various services that are not available anywhere else in the country. They also try to keep abreast with what the international market offers so they are able to give their clients products of an international standard. In addition, their staff are well-trained professionals.

“We are open daily from 9am-6pm but on Sundays the hours change from 2-6pm,” she says. They do not open on Mondays because Makolo says that they also need to rest so they give their customers their best. They can be contacted at 3190801 or 74744519.

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