Think La Sante, think healthy food

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Think La Sante, think healthy food

La Sante Restaurant is revolutionising the way that local foodies and those who enjoy eating out see food. The restaurant, that opened its doors in April, is coming with a new approach to food. Instead of the normal oily food seen on the local food scene, La Sante (a French word which means your health) is committed to creating a niche for healthy food in the market. Healthy in the sense that they don’t fry their food, and instead they grill.

Even the oil that is used here is minimised.     Located at CBD, the new baby in the restaurant business prides itself for being the only restaurant locally where foodies are guaranteed that they are consuming healthy food. Prior to opening the restaurant, the directors of the restaurant who are dedicated to healthy living, and they breathe and live a healthy lifestyle, researched how they can bring this exciting concept to life. One of the factors that drove them was the fact that they understood that in today’s busy life, employees are sometimes so overwhelmed by work commitments that they sometimes neglect their health and what they eat. Something that sets them apart from peers is that they don’t sell fizzy drinks or alcohol beverages, for those who wish to quench their thirst, they have options such as smoothies and in house made iced beverages. 

For this special first visit, Style team is served an array of options that include Buffalo wings with roasted vegetables, feeling inspiration salad, chicken stir fry, English dova salad, Chicken Quasadilla, and on the side a thirst quenching smoothie. And it is not difficult to see why, once customers take the first bite, they keep coming back for more. Everything is just right, and the seasoning in all the dishes is perfect. The fact that the team goes out of its way to make customers feel welcome also means that they have cemented their way into the hearts of those who wish to call this place home. Silent Justice Kgotlaesele is in his best element serving customers and his winning smile is the reason why someone would come back.

Explaining the concept behind the restaurant, Head Chef, Chipo Habangana explains that they sell fat free smoothies that come in various flavours including Strawberry-Yoghurt (strawberries, yoghurt and orange juice), Green Health shot (spinach, celery sticks, cucumber juice and apple/pear and yoghurt), Green Tea smoothie (which is a blend of yoghurt, green tea, blue berries and banana) and many others. According to Habangana, in the modern world there are too many health complications that come as a result of what we eat. He says that restaurants sometimes also neglect those who might be on special diets, which is also where they come in.

“We use as little oil as possible, and we opt for Olive oil. Even the cheese that is used is very minimal,” he explains. But this does not mean that one would not enjoy the food, just because they are very observant of the oil and the ingredients used. Since opening, they attract the majority of their customers during lunch hour, which is popular due to the lunch pack that costs less than P50. On the menu for the lunch pack, customers can lick their fingers with options such as traditional chicken, grilled chicken, goat stew and more. La Sante is open Monday to Saturday from 700HRS-2030HRS. Lunch hour is between 1200HRS-1400HRS.

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