Lister Boleseng’s second album out

Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Lister Boleseng’s second album out

Close to a solid ten years has passed since Batswana sampled and enjoyed the enchanting debut album of local songbird Lister Boleseng titled Life’s journey. Prior to embarking on his solo career, the Saxophone player, music composer and Jazz artist worked with a number of well-known international acts such as the legendary Dorothy Masuku.

He has also played with and alongside a good number of local bands and artists including Badiri, Abraxa’s Jazz Combo, Friends & Unity as well as Ndingo Johwa. It took him a decade or two before he spread his wings having joined his first band, Badiri in 1986. Having released a wonderful piece of work that serenaded many hearts, with hits such as O tlhokana le nna, admits that he was under pressure to return with a bigger project. Inspired by legends such as  Ratsie Setlhako and Duncan Senyatso, Boleseng brings Moratisi, an album that he hopes would surpass the success of the first project.

“Moratisi is something that you just can’t get enough of. The minute you listen to the first track, you will not want to play anything else,” he explains. The album launch is set for July 29th at Maitisong.  He will feature other acts such as his daughter, Refiloe, who plays Jazz and R&B, as well as the choral duo, Kago Regoeng and Gape Motswaledi.  He also says that his goal was to work on a project that would once more cement his status beyond the local scene borders. The eight-track album was recorded live at David Ski Molosi’s Tracks Studio.

In the album he features Sello Montwedi (Drums) who played in most of the songs, Leroy Nyoni also on the drums (former Sankomota drummer), Saki Nonong (Bass Guitar), Kapenda Katuta (Acoustic Guitar), Gomotsegang Rapoo (lead guitar), Andrew Chinganga (Alto Saxophone), as well as three men on the keys namely Gavin Banton, Lamek Ngwako and Bonnie Keabile. Chesza Majwabe, Pretty Mothobi are the backing vocalists. Samantha Mogwe is featured on a rearranged Malaika song. Other songs in the album include Ke Swa Hela, Running Back, Dumelang, Nkinele Matsogo, Sebouledi, as well as Mma Mmati. Songs such as Ke Swa Hela have been played a number of times in his previous shows.

His humble beginnings in music can be traced to years ago when he made his way into the capital city when the great Hugh Masekela and the late Dennis Mpale resided in Gaborone. He liked the saxophone very much, and was just learning his way around the instrument. He would later be approached by Masilonyana Radinoga and the late Rampholo Molefe who were searching for a sax player. They went on to form Badiri. The group also had the legendary Mpale as a member. He learnt how to read and write music during his tenure with the Botswana Defence Force band.

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