Suits specialists in town

Monday, 20 June 2016
Suits specialists in town

The intricate details of putting together a suit, and looking at its many dynamics is an art only grasped by a select few across the sexes. More often than not many men or women who are into suits often rely on ready- made suits, which in some instances call for alterations.

This is where these two entrepreneurs, Thobo Kerekang and Donald Nnoto come in. Since 2014, the duo that is better known for their long history in the music industry have been in business and are changing the perception about suits in Batswana. KeNo Custom Suits located at African Mall is one business that offers clients a unique experience. From raw material, they make office related, special events wear as well as uniforms for the corporate. Headed by Thobo Kerekang and Donald Nnoto, the business is targeting everyone who has a fashion sense and wishes to leave their house with a success look.

For those who are social media savvy, KeNo Custom Suits is one of the most talked about local companies on social media right now. Every time that they post a picture about their latest creation, social media goes crazy with most expressing their sentiments about wishing to wear the one of a kind creation produced right here at home. 

Detailing how the business came into existence, Kerekang explains that they wanted the sort of business that would fuse their passions together. He also says that they wanted something stylish and fun targeting almost everyone from different industries. “Our target market is everyone. If you need a suit then you fall into that market,” he says. He also emphasizes that even the older markets are most welcome in their premises. And that they will craft something that will suit that client. “We advise them accordingly on areas such as buttons and slits. And we will look at things such as the complexion of the customer and what will suit them,” he notes.

Nnoto handles the operations side of the business.  “We also look for factors such as the personality of the client. And we make recommendations to the customer on what will suit them,” he says. According to Kerekang, one of the misconceptions that people have about custom made suits is that they are expensive. This is far from the truth. Their cost model he says caters for everyone. And that they are even cheaper than what is being sold in the market. “Off the shelf is expensive taking into consideration the fact that you might have to alter it,” says Kerekang.

For material, they rely on local supplies as well as South Africa. But one day they wish to have a direct supplier who will be synonymous with their brand. “We want to have our own customized fabric,” he says. One of the things that they wish people to take into account is the suit etiquette. One of these is leaving your jacket buttoned while sitting down, which they both say is a big no. They also say that the common mistake that they find everyday on the street include people who do not study their bodies, complexions, length of trousers and the fact that a jacket has to show your watch. “But we have observed that of late Batswana have upped their game when it comes to fashion,” he says.

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