Miss Botswana missing in Missosology’s crystal ball

Thursday, 03 December 2015
Miss Botswana missing in Missosology’s crystal ball

The road to the 65th edition of the Miss World beauty pageant has intensified. The first week of the pageant has seen the 117 confirmed hopefuls taking part in the first series of competitions that will edge them closer to the stage when all eyes will be glued to the events taking place at the Crown of Beauty Theatre on December 19th.

One of the most important prizes of this competition is how it allows the winner to spend a year in London, and travel the world representing the Miss World organisation and its causes. Leading trendsetters when it comes to predicting the aspiring queens who stand a better chance at making it through one of the many competitions such as the Top Model, Beach Fashion, Beauty with a purpose, Multimedia, & Sports, http://missosology.org have already picked their favourite ladies which might possibly cause upset.
Missosology has never been wrong in their predictions as evidenced in their previous predictions such as picking Emma Wareus as one of the contestants to look out for in the 2012 pageant that took place in China. They were also spot-on last year, when they predicted that Miss South Africa would go far in the competition.

In their 3rd official Hot Picks they have placed Miss Portugal; Rafaela Pardete, at the top of that list. She is seconded by Miss Vietnam; Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê and Miss Poland; Marta Palucka coming third. Also on this list are two African beauties, Miss South Africa; Liesl Laurie at ninth place and Miss Gabon; Reine Ngotala at 14th place. These rankings will likely change every day based on the many competitions and events that are taking place and whether the hopefuls are making any strides that might wow the judges. If there is one beauty who is immensely under a lot of pressure it has to be Miss South Africa, all eyes are on her right now, with many from the African continent pinning their hopes on her that if none of the African countries get a satisfactory placing, she is the one to repeat the feat of her home-girl, Miss World; Rolene Strauss.

For the coming weeks, she will not be getting any beauty sleep, but will be working tirelessly to ensure that Santa Clauss is kind enough to grant her a Christmas gift of taking the crown back to South Africa. Botswana’s Seneo Mabengano is also heaving under pressure. Her time at the competition will not be an easy one. Botswana is one of the countries that are returning to the pageant after last competing in 2013, alongside Chile, Zambia, Macedonia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Honduras, Guinea-Bissau, Samoa as well as Kazakhstan. Having left the pageant at a time when the country was one of the leading African countries that were impressing, this year is a test to see whether the country can reclaim its glory.

In the meantime, while other aspiring queens are busy prepping and practising their million dollar smiles, the same cannot be said about one of the contestants that has been forced to withdraw from the competition. Miss World never shies away from scandal and controversy and this year is no different. The latest one being, Miss Canada representative, Anastacia Lin has dropped out of the pageant at the eleventh hour. The story making rounds is that Lin, a Chinese-Canadian actress and a human rights activist did not receive her invitation letter from the Chinese Government. She would have used this letter in her VISA application.

A strong advocate against the Human Rights abuses taking place in China, many believe that she did not receive that letter for fear that she would have used the Miss World platform to continue with her advocacy work. Her father who is presently in China has even at some point been threatened by security agents.
Additional information sourced from: https://en.wikipedia.org & http://missosology.org.

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