You too can get a bikini body

Tefo Nombolo
Thursday, 26 November 2015
You too can get a bikini body

Gone are the days when staying healthy by going to the gym was associated with the rich and wealthy, says a personal trainer at Jack’s Gym in Gaborone west, Brock Mojamela.
Mojamela is very passionate about his job. He is quick to explain the difference between being a gym instructor, a floor instructor and a personal trainer.

According to him, a floor instructor is the person who shows people at gym what to do with which machines; replaces the weights and checks out how the clients are doing. A lot of times a gym instructor works with music and choreography and has group classes. A personal trainer sits down with clients and comes up with a programme detailing, for example, which speed to use at the machines to burn the calories and so forth.

He explains that issues of health and nutrition are for everyone especially in this day and age when a lot of people are suffering from diseases that have to do with their lifestyle choices. “A lot of Batswana are taking care of their health because nowadays you see people going to the Kgale hill or jogging along the western bypass.” He does however, encourage people to go to the gym as opposed to working out at home as it is easier to get motivated at the gym due to the fact that one can get motivation from other people and there are lots of facilities at the gym to assist in workouts.

Mojamela fell in love with issues of fitness during a programme to lose weight at Virgin Active in South Africa when he was still studying at Monash University.
“I was a very fat person and was not happy with my body so I decided to lose some weight and during the whole process I got addicted with going to the gym,” he recalls. During those times at the gym, he realised it was easy for him to grasp what he was told to do.

He then asked himself what was stopping him from being a person of authority in fitness matters and that’s how the journey to becoming a personal trainer started. When embarking upon the task to choose a personal trainer, he cautions people against going for someone just because they are cheap, short cuts don’t work. Rather check if the intended person has the qualification for being a personal trainer, check their track record and judge them for yourself during your consultation time. During his own consultation time he explains that he tells his client what lies ahead so that he doesn’t create any false expectations.

Contrary to popular belief, personal trainers are not given that job because they have rippling muscles in their bodies there is a qualification for it. For Brock, his came from National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) in the United States of America via distance learning in 2012. It is also this school which sends him a weekly newsletter which has an update on the latest machines and workouts which is one of the ways he keeps his fitness knowledge up to date.
He also has a degree, a double major in Marketing and Criminal law and a diploma in Licentiate.

Before he became a full time personal trainer, Mojamela was an insurance underwriter for two years but due to retrenchment he lost his job last year January. Then he became a full time personal trainer. He would like to open his own insurance agency sometime in the future. As the festive season is fast approaching, his advice to those who want those bikini bodies is to stay away from alcohol or if not, drink moderately as alcohol contains a dense portion of calories especially ciders. In addition, people should also mind what they eat because a healthy body is 80 percent what a person eats and 20 percent gym.

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